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Summarized Fatawaa

Fatwa Number : 1062

Classified : "Impurity "Uncleanliness

Fatwa Type : Summarized Fatawaa

Question :

Is washing the private part after urinating(Istinjaa`) a condition, and is it done with water and soap, or with water only?

The Answer :

Istinjaa` is obligatory for removing impurity, and it can be done with toilet paper, or a stone, or water. It is preferable to do Istinjaa` first with paper, or stone, or the like, then to wash the private part with water until making sure that the impurity has been removed. Using soap is not a condition, but there is no harm in doing so provided that it is washed off with water. It is also permissible to use either water, or paper if impurity is removed by any.



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