Throughout history, the strategic planning of an organization has been proven to be a necessity imposed by reality and experiments. Owing to the importance of strategic planning and its role in the formation and advancement of any organization, the General Iftaa` Department(GID) has decided to draw up a five-year strategic plan (2017-2021). Key elements and axes were drawn up in order to produce this plan in a carefully examined scientific manner. This is in order to advance the outputs of the Department and set goals amenable to execution, follow up and assessment.


This strategic plan is a guideline for the staff members to absorb strategic thinking as working methodology to be able to achieve the Department`s vision, message and objectives.


Summarized Fatawaa

I`m a married young man. I fell in love with a widow and proposed to her but her family refused because they feared that this would have an adverse impact on the future of her children. However, we entered into unregistered marriage and told my family and even my wife about it. I`m a god-fearing person and want to clear myself from any liability before Allah. What should I do?

All perfect praise be to Allah the Lord of The Worlds. May His blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Mohammad and upon all his family and companions.
It is imperative that you proclaim this marriage to preserve rights. Therefore, you must register it in an Islamic court. A second marriage isn`t forbidden, however, if the unregistered marriage had taken place without the consent of the woman`s guardian nor the presence of two honorable witnesses, then it is considered void and your relationship with this woman is forbidden. Therefore, you must conclude a new marriage contract with the approval of her guardian and the presence of two honorable witnesses. We advise you to fear Allah and adhere to the teachings of Sharia in this regard since sinful conduct is that which turns in your heart (making you feel uncomfortable) and you dislike that it would be disclosed to other people. And Allah the Almighty knows best.

Is it a condition that one should offer two sacrifices for a male newborn?

It is desirable to offer two sheep for a male newborn, and one for a female newborn. Offering one sheep for the male newborn is also permissible as it observes the Prophet`s Sunnah in this regard.

Is it permissible for a person, who vowed to offer two Rak`ahs(units of prayer) everyday for Allah`s sake, to do so after the Fajr(dawn) prayer?

In principle, a vow should be fulfilled as it was originally intended, and if its time lapses then, it should be fulfilled at any time because of the vow. Therefore, it is permissible to offer them after the Fajr prayer, and there is no prohibition in doing so. However, it is preferable for him to offer these two Rak`ahs at some other time to avoid the disagreement amongst the scholars in this regard.

What is the expiation for being forced to give a false testimony in order to achieve reform?

Achieving reform is done by following the way of Allah through giving back rights to whom they belong. Therefore, repenting to Allah from false testimony is only achieved by abrogating it, and the person in question should expiate for that oath if he had taken it, so that Allah may forgive him.