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Performing Ablution with Water Endowed for Drinking isn`t Permissible What is the ruling of Shari`ah on performing ablution with water endowed for drinking? • Read More
Ruling on Performing Ablution while having Creams on one`s Hair Does applying "Keratin" to the hair invalidate ablution, knowing that it covers the hair but doesn`t reach the scalp or prevent water from reaching it ? • Read More
Ruling on Inscribing and Hanging Quranic Verses on Walls I wanted to hang a framed Quranic verse on a wall of a mosque; however, the people there objected to that under the pretext that the Quran has been sent down to be acted upon and not for decorative purposes; what is the ruling of Islamic Sharia on this issue? • Read More
It is Permissible to Wipe over a Splint to Avoid Harm I have sustained a deep wound in my finger, so I wrapped it with a bandage, and performed ablution without the water reaching it. Is my ablution valid ? • Read More
Excused Person Going Early to Friday Prayer I suffer from urinary incontinence and do Wudoo` for each prayer after its time begins. However, in order to attain the reward for Friday prayer(Salat Jumuah), I do Wudoo` and go to the Masjid before the time of prayer begins. Is this valid or should I wait for the Athan(Call to prayer), do Wudoo`, then go to the Masjid? • Read More
Thinking about Marriage doesn`t Render Ablution Invalid Does too much thinking about marriage invalidate ablution? • Read More
Should a Person Renew Ablution after Cutting the Nails I cut my nails after making ablution, shall I renew my ablution or washing my hands will be enough? • Read More
Making Ablution while Keeping Nail Polish What is the ruling on making ablution without removing nail polish? • Read More
Should Ablution be Renewed after Nails are Cut While in state of ablution, I cut my nails. Should I renew my ablution or will washing hands suffice? • Read More
Excusing Vaginal Discharge in Case of Hardship What is the Islamic ruling on the continuous, semi-fluid vaginal discharge? Does it nullify Wudu`? If it does, should the vagina be washed and Wudu` renewed or Wudu` alone suffices? I would like to bring to your kind attention the fact that I have embraced Islam in secret and can`t go to the bathroom to make Wudu` to avoid making a scene before my family. • Read More
Prayer of Person Carrying a Urine Drainage Bag due to a Condition is Permissible What`s the manner of purification and prayer for one who has urinary retention and carries urine drainage bag due to this condition? • Read More
Relieving People with Incontinence from Renewing Ablution in Case of Hardship Can the person suffering from incontinence of wind perform Tawaf and at the same time wait to offer prayer in the Haram area, during the crowded season of Haj or Umrah, with a single ablution? • Read More
How should I deal with the whispers of the devil with regard to ablution and purity ? • Read More
Do certain vaginal discharges and incontinence of urine nullify ablution, and should underwear be changed ? Do certain vaginal discharges and incontinence of urine nullify ablution, and should underwear be changed ? • Read More