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Ideas on the Prophetic Hijrah

Author : Dr. Hassan Abu_Arqoub

Date Added : 19-09-2016

Ideas on the Prophetic Hijrah

By Dr. Mufti Hassan Abu Arqoob


It isn`t out of the ordinary that Omar Bin Al-Khattab turned the event of the Hijrah(Prophet`s migration to Madeena) into a starting point for the Islamic calendar to distinguish the Muslim nation from other nations as it is not only an earmark in the history of the Muslim nation, but also in that of mankind. This way, Omar(May Allah be pleased with him) teaches us(Muslims) how to have our own identity, how to make our own history and be proud of it and how to preserve our own character among other nations.

Our great Prophet(PBUH) emigrated from Mecca to Madeena after having suffered all sorts of torture from Quraish in their attempt to force him to forsake calling people to Islam. They have also offered him wealth and authority in return for leaving the religion of Allah which he has brought to all mankind; however, he didn`t give up to worldly temptations. Despite the tactics of invitation and intimidation employed by Quraish, Prophet Mohammad remained steadfast in propagating the message of Islam until Allah commanded him to emigrate to Madeena and leave Mecca, his beloved home.

The propagator of the divine message, Prophet Mohammad, was never deterred from delivering it since he is a man of principle. Worldly temptations couldn`t tempt him because he has firm belief that the Hereafter is better and more lasting. Once he was cornered, and not allowed to worship Allah and to deliver His message as commanded, he was permitted to leave Mecca since the whole universe is  Allah`s and all the creatures are His servants. Whatever the case may be, abandoning one`s beloved homeland isn`t a justifiable act because it contradicts man`s nature, and the love of country is part of man`s identity and character.

We learn from the School of the Prophetic Hijrah that the propagator of the message must strive and leave no stone unturned to deliver that message. Allah, The Almighty, Who did take His servant for a Journey by night from the Sacred Mosque to the farthest Mosque-may Allah free it- is capable of taking him on the Buraq(a horse-like animal) from Mecca to Madeena. Still, how could civilization be established and history made through such a miracle!!? It must be executed through the normal standards of human beings in order for delivering the message of Islam to fit every time and place, and so that none could argue that they(history and civilization) were based on the supernatural.

The Prophet(PBUH) emigrated in secret after having made a water tight plan to leave Mecca. This plan shows that adopting means to reach an end as well as planning for success are key foundations in man`s life. Although supported by Allah, the Prophet adopted the aforementioned means; therefore, it is imperative that all Muslims follow suit. The true meaning of trusting Allah is being satisfied at heart with his divine preordainment; of course after adopting means to reach an end.

I (writer) said "water tight plan" that takes different conditions and circumstances into consideration. As absurdity is rejected, so is foolish and naïve planning because "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail." Consequently, it is imperative that man employs wisdom, patience and reason when planning in addition to taking the various possibilities, conditions and circumstances into consideration because at time of crisis vision is blurred and sound thinking becomes unattainable. Sound planning and sound management, expecting crises and coming up with early suitable solutions for them are all lessons that we learn from the blessed Hijrah of the Prophet(PBUH).

We also learn from the Prophetic Hijrah how to enhance women`s role in society since the Prophet(PBUH) entrusted Asma` Bint Abi Bakir with providing for him while he was in the cave of mount Hira. It was a delicate mission because she had to exercise caution getting into the cave and out of it without being noticed by the disbelievers so that they would never know the Prophet`s whereabouts. As we can see, woman has played a key role in this blessed event, proving that she is able to achieve, participate in making history and civilization, be an active member of society and prevent any attempts to marginalize her role. And Allah knows best.

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