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Ruling on Seeking Separation on Grounds of Spouse having an Infectious Disease

I have been married for one year and Allah has blessed me with a baby. However, my husband has contracted a rare virus that can`t be cured and remains in the body for life. This virus is extremely infectious and contracted through bodily fluids: saliva, blood, sperm and even through drinking from the same glass. What is the ruling of Sharia on my seeking separation on this ground?

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Husband is Obliged to Provide Wife with Proper Separate Accommodation What is the Islamic ruling on the wife who refuses, without a legitimate reason, to live with her husband where he resides? • Read More
Wife is Obliged to Strike a Balance between Obedience to Husband and Obedience to Parents Which comes first, obeying one`s husband or obeying one`s parents? And is it permissible for the wife to go out to serve her parents? • Read More
Having Children is the Right of both Spouses Is it permissible for the husband to ban his wife from having children although she wants to? • Read More
Ruling on Woman or her Guardian Asking for Separation on Grounds of Husband`s Unfitness Is it permissible for a woman`s guardian to ask for separating her from husband because the latter drinks and owns a license for selling liquor? • Read More
Ruling on Accommodating two Wives in one House I have two wives and used to accommodate each in a separate house. After I was laid off from work, I couldn`t afford to keep each in a separate house, so I rented one house and gave each a separate room with separate facilities. What is the ruling of Sharia on that? • Read More
Marital Relationship Rests on Love and Mercy What is the ruling on the wife who curses her husband or his family and the one who curses Allah? • Read More
Coercing the Wife to Perform the Ritual of Hajj

Is the husband permitted to coerce his wife to travel with him for the purpose of performing Hajj?

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Does Man become in Charge of Woman upon Conclusion or Consummation of Marriage Contract?

Does the man become in charge of the woman upon conclusion or consummation of their marriage contract?

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She Wants to Return to her First Husband after she Received "Major" Divorce

I was married to a man, but he divorced me three times. Two years later, I married another without prior agreement. However, he suffered a mental illness and so he couldn`t consummate the marriage. I stayed with him for one month then he divorced me. Four years later, my first husband proposed to me, am I allowed to marry him?

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Promised Wife not to have a Second Marriage

What is the ruling of Sharia when a man promises his wife not to have a second marriage unless she agrees to it? However, it is worth pointing out that he didn`t keep his promise.

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Refuses to Shake Husband's Hand under the Pretext of Maintaining Ablution

What is the ruling regarding a wife's refusal to shake her husband's hand under the pretext that she is always in a state of ablution and has been keen on making supererogatory fast for many years?

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Ruling when Wife Leaves for Umrah without Husband`s Permission

What is the ruling of Sharia on the wife who leaves for Umrah without husband`s permission?

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Speaking Ill of each other after Divorce is a Form of Forbidden Backbiting

Is there a Prophetic narration prohibiting speaking ill of one`s husband or wife after divorce?

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I`m a pious Muslim woman, but my husband isn`t, what should I do? • Read More