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Ruling on Prizes for Savings Accounts in Islamic Banks What is the ruling on taking prizes for savings accounts in Islamic banks? • Read More
Invention Right is a Private Property Large companies specialized in genetics develop certain plant varieties to make them more productive. This process is costly and entitles the companies to monopolize the rights of intellectual property of the research that they conduct. These genetically modified plants can be obtained only through these companies. Is it permissible to purchase this type of plants from companies which don`t own the intellectual rights to such products? • Read More
Ruling on Providing the Service of Paying University Fees on Instalments Using Murabaha Is it permissible for a staff provident fund to provide its members with the service of paying their university fees on instalments using Murabah? • Read More
Ruling on Excluding Uncovered Payments from Profit Calculation in Staff Provident Funds We are the management panel of a certain company`s staff provident fund. We collect payments from the employees subscribing to this fund. We use these amounts in business to make profit. We grant interest-free loans to subscribers from their savings up to (70%). In order to achieve justice amongst subscribers, the panel intends to exclude the uncovered payments of these loans from the calculation of the annual profits. What is the ruling of Sharia on this? • Read More
Ruling on Using Mobile Payments Service What is the Islamic ruling on using electronic and mobile payments service issued by Zain under the name (Zain Cash)? In fact, Zain Cash gives the user secure and convenient means to conduct financial transactions and process monthly payments. It is now possible to use one`s mobile to transfer money, pay invoices, and withdraw cash, in addition to other services. • Read More
A Form of Land Investment A landowner and an investor have reached an agreement whereby the owner shall offer a plot of land to the investor on basis of a power of attorney that extends until the end of the intended project. In return, the investor shall pay the sum of one million and two hundred and fifty JDs, via cheque cashable after two years from its date, as the price of that land. However, that price shall remain fixed regardless of any rise in land prices. The purpose behind the two-year period is giving the investor the opportunity to build residential flats and sell them. The latter shall also cover all the needed expenses. Moreover, any party that fails to fulfill the terms of this agreement shall pay, to the other party, the value of all the damages resulting from that, in addition to (9%) as an interest, effective from the date of the agreement. What is the ruling of Sharia on this? • Read More
Ruling on Working for and Promoting Foreign Exchange Trading Company I work for a company that trades in foreign exchange where I design the website, mobile applications, and, sometimes, promotional materials. I have to make sure that these are accessible to users to attract them to open accounts with the company. What is the ruling of Sharia on my work and the salaries that I have already received? • Read More
An Employee Claiming a Compensation for an Accident during Work I drive a wheeled-excavator, and one day the company I work for sent me to the digging site in one of its buses. Due to the recklessness of the driver, we had an accident. As a result, I sustained back injury, and stopped working. The problem is that the bus wasn`t licensed and the company hadn`t registered me under the social security. Do I have the right to claim a compensation for the harm inflicted upon me because of the accident? Who should pay the compensation: the bus driver or the company? Do I have the right to claim my salary for the period I stopped working? • Read More
Ruling on Dealing with Electronic Clearing What is the ruling of Sharia on dealing with the electronic clearing employed by banks nowadays? • Read More
Rulings and Conditions of Using Credit Cards What is the ruling on using credit cards? • Read More
Subscribing to Jordan Teachers` Association Retirement Fund What is the legal ruling on the Retirement Fund of the Jordan Teachers` Association attached below? • Read More
Ruling on Building Decorations for Stores through Murabaha What`s the ruling on financing stores' decorations through Murabaha sale/transaction? • Read More
Ruling on Gifts Given to Employees A number of drivers work for a private company on a salary-basis where they take customers wherever they want and free of charge. From time to time, customers give them some gifts, cash or else, so the company decided taking a percentage and dividing it amongst all staff members. Is it permissible for the company to do that? Is it permissible for the employees, other than the drivers, to take a percentage from the gifts knowing that the drivers don`t approve of that? • Read More
Ruling on Selling Shopping Coupons against a Murabaha Percentage Is it permissible to sell shopping coupons of specific amounts to members of the staff provident fund of a certain company against a certain Murabaha percentage where the members make purchases from certain stores and pay for them by installments over a maximum of one year from the date of purchasing. It is worth pointing out that the coupons allow the bearers to buy goods and can`t be exchanged with cash? • Read More
Ruling on Timeshare Contract What is the ruling of Sharia on timeshare contract? • Read More