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All Fatawaas

Islamic Ruling on Starting a Casino or Working in One

What is the ruling of Sharia on starting a casino or working in one?

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Whoever Misuses any Amount from Public Money is Required to Give it Back

I used to serve in the Jordan Armed Forces. I have doubts that during my service I took, by mistake, an amount of money. Will I be cleared from liability before Allah if I gave that amount to the Social Solidarity Fund of the Military Iftaa`, as "clearing liability" is one of this Fund`s resources?

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Ruling on Taking Money against Swapping Jobs Two teachers have reached an agreement by which one pays a certain sum to the other against swapping jobs. What is the ruling of Sharia on this? • Read More
Ruling on Receiving Salaries Via a Riba-Based Bank Some schools give their employees their salaries and dues via Riba-based banks. What is the ruling of Sharia on this? • Read More
Islamic Ruling on Assisting Post-Graduate Students in Preparing Dissertations and Research Papers

Is it permissible for me to supervise, not sell, dissertations for post-graduate students? What about helping with certain parts of the dissertation: statistical studies,  theoretical framework, plan, defense and analysis, title, and proofreading?

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Received Social Security Benefits although Subscribed with Unlawful Money What is the ruling of Sharia on receiving my late father`s social security benefits since he used to work for Jordan Tobacco and Cigarettes Manufacturing Company? • Read More
Ruling on Leasing a Property to a Usurious Bank My grandmother leased a property to a usurious bank. After she passed away, we gave the bank a judicial notice to abandon the property, but the bank`s administration asked for a one-year extension. Is it permissible to agree to that?, Or should we continue with the court procedures, knowing that they will take one year? Moreover, is it permissible for my mother not to inform her nephews about this since they own 5% of the leased property? And what is the ruling on the rent, which is taken by my mother, since she hadn`t leased the property in the first place? • Read More
All Forms of Water Theft are Forbidden What is the ruling of Sharia regarding water theft? • Read More
Deceiving Insurance Companies through Fabricated Accidents What is the ruling of Islamic Sharia on deceiving insurance companies through fabricated accidents? • Read More
It`s Forbidden for a Purchase Officer to Take a Commission by Virtue of His Job What is the ruling when a purchase officer of a certain company forces a supplier to pay him a certain sum of money? • Read More
Dispensing Drugs without an Actual Prescription is Unlawful What is the ruling when a staff member of a primary health care government centre or hospital takes medical supplies without having an actual prescription or a permission? • Read More
Trading in Counterfeit Goods is Forbidden What is the Sharia ruling on selling counterfeit goods that hold the trademark of an international brand, and not telling the buyer about that? • Read More
Circumvention to Get Fuel Subsidy is impermissible

What is the ruling on a person who applies to get fuel subsidy given by the government and meant for poor family whose income is less than ten thousands Jd per year, although the conditions of fuel subsidies don’t apply on him and he already have a job in which the party accountable for fuel subsidies unable to detect it?

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He was Obligated to Insure for Employment Injury

The company where I work has obligated me to insure for employment injury as a condition for attending a specialized course. So, I insured with one of the commercial insurance companies. Have I incurred sin by doing this? In case I sustained an injury, is it permissible that I take the insurance benefit?

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Ruling on Leasing an Estate for Unlawful Acts

A previous administration of a charitable organization made a lease for 5 years to a financing company that deals with usurious transactions. Are we (The new administration's members) accountable for this? since we weren't members of the administration at the time of concluding the contract, yet we still deal with the aforementioned company due to the nature of our job?

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