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All Fatawaas

Islamic Ruling on Sending Peace and Blessings upon Non-Prophets

Is it allowed to send peace and blessings upon the parents of the Prophet Mohammad, peace and blessings be upon him?

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The Truth about People Seeing the Angels

There is a circulated video on social media where a Jordanian claims seeing the angels. How true is this?

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Can Dua Change Destiny?

Can Dua change destiny in relation to matters like marriage, work, and the like?

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A Muslim`s Dislike of some Rulings of Sharia while Believing in them

The Muslim who believes in the Law of Islam, the prescribed prayer and fasting sometimes says to himself, for example, : "I wish Allah hadn`t prescribed or revealed prayer and fasting." He says this out of laziness, fatigue, and the hardship involved in fasting." Such a person doesn`t mean to degrade Islam or fight it; rather, he loves comfort and avoids fatigue. In light of this, does the verse "That is because they hate the Revelation of God; so He has made their deeds fruitless."{Mohammad, 9} apply to this person? Is this considered greater Kufr that drives him out of the fold of Islam and makes him an apostate?

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Muslim’s Attitude in Times of Affliction and Islamic Creed`s Role in His Steadfastness

What attitude should a Muslim take in times of affliction? Do acts of devotion, supplications and Islamic creed help overcome crisis? And what is Allah`s wisdom behind creating diseases and illnesses?

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An Answer to the Question, "Where is Allah?"

When my child asks me where is Allah, what answer should I give?

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Interpretation of the Statement: "Allah is Separated from His Creations"

What is the interpretation of the statement "Allah is separated from His creations" which is stated in the books about Islamic doctrine?

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No Difference between Appointed Term and Term Appointed to be Fulfilled

Do people die when their appointed term is reached? And, is there a difference between the appointed term and the term appointed to be fulfilled, because people are circulating an article stating that those who failed to take the precautionary measures died because their appointed term was fulfilled and not reached?

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Ruling on Dividing Tawheed into three Categories

Is there an evidence from Sharia for dividing Tawheed into three categories: Tawheed Al-Uloohiyah(Oneness of the Divine Nature), Tawheed Al-Ruboobiyyah(Oneness of the Divine Lordship), and Tawheed Al-Asma`wa`l-Sifat(Oneness of the Divine Names and Attributes)?

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Ruling on Reporting Words of Disbelief (Kufr)

Ruling on reporting words of disbelief, such as saying that someone said "So and so", and reviled the religion. Does the reporter of this become a disbeliever (Kafir)?

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Understanding Texts Giving the Impression that Allah Resembles His Creation Words such as the Hand of Allah, established on the Throne, Allah (also) plotteth, Allah(Himself) doth mock them…etcetera were stated in the Noble Quran and the Prophetic Sunnah. Some people could be under the impression that they don`t befit Allah, the Almighty. Therefore, how should we deal with such words? • Read More
"Tajseem" is Void and Prohibited to Follow

I`m confused because some people argue that Tajseem {Anthropomorphism} is valid and that it is obligatory to affirm that Allah has body parts through the apparent meanings of many verses and Hadiths. They even claim that this is the view of the Salaf (Righteous predecessors/ancestors) and the prominent scholars. Others say that it is a false claim and an innovation and that the Salaf has never spoken of it. Rather, some people of incomplete faith have spoken of it. Therefore, what is the accurate meaning for "Tajseem"? Is it acceptable in Islam? Kindly clarify in the simplest of ways.

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Every Muslim must have Deep Conviction in Allah`s Existence

Some of the books that I have read stated that Allah exists, but we can`t know Him through intellectual evidence, and it suffices to have a conviction in one`s heart that He exists. Frankly, I`m convinced with this and will be morally committed to it to the letter. My question is: Does having an inner conviction in the existence of God, without having actual evidence, suffice as proof that a Muslim believes in God, and will be admitted to paradise as a result?

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Ruling on Preferring Some Companions over others

What`s the ruling on preferring Ali Bin Abi Talib (May Allah be pleased with him) over the rest of the Companions (May Allah be pleased with them), including Abu Bakr and Umar (May Allah be pleased with them), but without criticizing any or calling them bad names?

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Not Attributing Time and Place to Allah is Part of Honoring Him

How authentic is the narration which is a ttributed to Abu Baker, may Allah be pleased with him, and reads as follows: "Amma ba'du, whoever amongst you worshipped Muhammad, then Muhammad is dead, but whoever worshipped Allah Who is in Heaven, Allah is alive and will never die. "Supposing it was authentic, how should we understand the phrase" Who is in Heaven"?

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