13 ربيع الأول 1443  ,  20 October 2021

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All Fatawaas

Dividing one`s Property among his Children in his Life A man has divided his lands among his children. Does this require witnesses? Should this be recorded in written form? Is ownership transferred to the children on the spot, or after registration at the Lands Department? Is it the right of any of the children to relinquish his share after the death of the father? • Read More
Canceling the Remission of Son's Debts by Father is Impermissible

I was remitted from a debt by my father, but he bequeathed before passedaway that I should defray it. Am I obliged to fulfill his bequest?

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Adherence of Charitable Organization to Conditions of Donor We are a relief agency that takes care of orphans(Guardianship). What is the ruling of Sharia when the donations made to a particular orphan are spent on others or saved in the agency`s account where the revenue goes to the benefit of all orphans depending on the programmes and activities run by the agency. This is due to the fact that spending that sum in favour of the orphan for whom the donation was made in the first place wasn`t possible because he didn`t deserve it, passed away, travelled or any other reason? • Read More
Ruling on Taking back a Gift the Father had Offered to his Son What is the ruling of Sharia on taking back a gift the father had offered to his sons and is he allowed to take back a waiver? • Read More
Money Due to Subscribers of Takaful Funds is a Gift and doesn`t Undergo the Rulings of Inheritance Is the money paid by the Takaful Funds of the syndicates in case of a subscriber`s death considered from his estate where it can be divided amongst his heirs? Or can it be placed in the possession of certain heirs after his death, and isn`t considered a part of his wealth? Is it permissible for the syndicate to pay that money to a particular heir upon the request of the deceased? • Read More
Excluding Undutiful Son from Father’s Endowment is Permissible

Am I permitted to transfer all of my properties during my lifetime to my dutiful wife and sons and exclude my 3 daughters due to their rebellious attitude, bad manners, unveiling their Hijab and finally abandoning me? 

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Ruling on Taking Back a Study Grant if the Student Violated its Conditions A government body grants M.A and Ph.D. grants to distinguished students in Jordan, and these cover registration and credit hours fees. This is in addition to offering them salaries in return for dedicating their time and effort in studying. They do not have to repay these funds as long as they honor the conditions stipulated in the grant`s agreement, and some of these conditions are: a student must maintain an excellent mark record, and in case he/she fails to do so, then he/she must give back all of the paid funds in addition to a 50% of the total sum as a fine. What is the ruling on repaying the funds of the grant in case of failure to honor the conditions stipulated in the agreement, and what is the ruling on paying 50% from the total as a fine ? • Read More
The Donation isn't Abiding save after being Received

My father intended to raise the percentage given to my brother from a jewelry store he used to own, but he died before writing this down. Does it considered a donation from our father because he set his intention to do so ? And are the heirs obliged to fulfill it?

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Parents are Obliged to be Just when Gifting Children A man had married a certain woman and was blessed with three girls. He looked after them and spent thousands of JDS on their education. Unfortunately, he divorced their mother and married another woman. The latter gave birth to a boy and a girl. In fact, that man owned an apartment and a piece of land, so he registered the piece of land in the name of his son and daughter from the second wife to cover their education expenses, similar to his three daughters from first wife. In addition, the second wife wants him to register the apartment in her name or that of her children. Is registering the piece of land in the name of his son permissible? And is it permissible that he registers the apartment in the name of his second wife or that of her children? • Read More
Should she Give the House back to her Mother although Afraid of Brothers` Injustice upon Division of Estate?

After my father had passed away, the estate was divided according to the provisions of the Jordanian Law although some of the heirs have unlawfully seized a large portion of it. Since things weren`t going alright between my brothers and my mother, she-with the consent of her big brother, my sisters, and her son in law who is a lawyer-decided to register the house in my name so that I keep it as a continuous charity after her death. After four years, things have changed a lot. My brothers forced her to take the house back. She claimed that she wanted to register it in the name of all the heirs. Should I give it back to her although it is likely that she gives it to my sisters? Or, should I register it in the name of the heirs and hers? This is because I don`t wish to incur Allah`s wrath or my mother`s for all I want is my lawful share.

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Should he Give back the Amount his Father had Given him?

My father passed away four months ago. Ten years earlier, he had given me the sum of 20.000JDs, and told me that he didn`t want it back and Allah is my witness that I am telling the truth. However, my brothers keep telling me that our father had no right to give that sum to me and that he should have treated all his children fairly when it comes to gift giving. They also say that he is being tortured for that. Should I give that sum back to my brothers? Is that money lawful or not? Is my father liable for anything before Almighty Allah?

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Should he Register the Apartments his Children Built in their Names?

I have a piece of land on which four residential apartments are built. Each of my three children has built an apartment from his own money, however, two of them resided in their apartments. I rented the third apartment and took the rent to spend on myself and their mother and I have been taking that rent since 1997. Years passed and I grew older and older. I want to meet my Lord (Allah) with a clear conscience, so I don`t wish to wrong any of them. Should I register the three apartments in their names or keep them in my name to be divided after my death as part of the inheritance? It is worth pointing that I have three sons and six daughters.

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Should Gifts Given by Father to Particular Children be Given back? My father had passed away. During his life time, he was very generous. He gave each of his children whatever they needed: car, house, money and the like. Should his children give back the gifts, he had favored them with, to be divided among all the heirs according to the rules of Sharia? Moreover, Shouldn`t he have observed justice when giving gifts to his children? • Read More
It is Permissible to Favor a Child over another in Gift Giving if there is a Need

I have nine married daughters. I also have four sons; some married and some aren't. I have about thirty donums of land that fit for building and investment. By the Grace of Allah, my daughters have their own houses and lead happy lives with their husbands and children. However, some of my sons live with me while some live in rented accommodations where the rent is straining their budget. In addition, all of my sons are poor and indebted. Is it permissible for me to give each son (600 m) of land to build and settle on? This is knowing that my aim isn`t to deprive my daughters from inheritance since I, thanks to Allah, have plenty of land.

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It is Desirable for a Parent to be Just when Gifting Children Allah, The Almighty, has given me wealth and children. In fact, all of my sons and daughters are married, and I`m thinking about distributing some of that wealth amongst them. Is it permissible for me to give some of them more than the others? Or should I give to the male a portion equal to that of two females? • Read More