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All Fatawaas

Islamic Ruling on Legal Heir Claiming Share of the Estate
What is the ruling of Sharia on claiming my share of the estate? What is the ruling on refusing the idea of dividing the estate by some of the heirs although I`m in dire need for my share? Is claiming the division of the estate considered disobedience to my mother?
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Ruling on Installing Points of Sale Devices in Tourist Hotels and Restaurants

I work for a company that provides payment services for traders` financial entitlements by Master and Visa card through their points of sale devices. Is it allowed to install such devices in tourist restaurants that serve alcoholic drinks?

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Ruling when Hired Worker Exploits Working Hours for Personal Benefit

There is an employer who doesn`t pay a hired worker the wages which he deserves considering his expertise and qualifications. Not only this, but he also forces him to return a portion of the wages approved by the state. Is this lawful? In addition, is it permissible for the worker to exploit the working hours and tools for personal benefit to make up for the above deduction?

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Ruling on Searching for Treasures in Graves and Lands of others

What is the ruling of Sharia on exhuming graves and digging in state and private lands in search for hidden treasures?

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Ruling on Granting Loans to Farmers on the Condition of Marketing their Produce

Agriculture marketing companies grant zero-interest loans to farmers on the condition of marketing their produce. However, they charge up to 5% of the farmer`s profit. What is the ruling of Sharia on this?

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Ruling on Taking Commissions Utilizing Electronic Portfolios

I have an electronic portfolio (Zain Cash) through which I pay clients` different bills (water, electricity, traffic fines etcetera.). Is it permissible to take commissions against this service? For example, I charge one JD for a ten-JD electricity bill and five JDs for transferring one hundred JDs. Is this permissible?

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Ruling on Picking up Leftover and Fallen Fruits at Harvest Time

Is it permissible to collect fallen olives without the permission of the owner of the trees knowing that his land isn`t fenced?

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It is Prohibited to Exploit School Cafeteria for Personal Gain

What is the ruling of Sharia on exploiting school cafeteria for personal gain?

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What to do with School Cafeteria Surplus Food Products

Sometimes, school cafeterias have a surplus of unsold food products. Is it permissible to sell it at a low price or distribute amongst the students, even randomly; particularly since it is subject to rapid deterioration? 

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The Legal Characterization of School Cafeterias and their Rules under Sharia

What is the legal characterization/classification of school cafeterias and what are the Sharia rules governing them? 

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Ruling on Selling Boxes whose Contents are Unknown

What is the ruling of Sharia on selling boxes whose contents are unknown for a certain price? For example, there are a hundred boxes; one of which contains a sum of money and other items that are worth twenty JDs. I sell each box for twenty JDs. 

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Ruling when Beneficiaries Take two Shares from Waqf Revenues

Some Waqf beneficiaries who meet the conditions of the donor get to take two shares; one from the mother`s side and another from the father`s. Is this permissible or they are only entitled to a share from one parent?

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Disposition of Waqf Revenues after the First Generation/Layer of Beneficiaries Becomes Extinct

If the first generation/layer of the Waqf beneficiaries become extinct, are the revenues distributed on the children of the sons only or this includes the children of the daughters, from the next generations or layers?

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Ruling when some of the Waqf Beneficiaries are Unknown

What is the ruling of Sharia in case some of the Waqf beneficiaries were unknown? Should their shares be kept until they appear or be divided amongst the rest of the beneficiaries?

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Manner of Distributing Waqf Revenues to Beneficiaries

How should the revenues of Waqf be distributed to beneficiaries if the Waqf donor hasn`t mentioned a certain manner of distribution? Does the male get twice the share of the female? Or they get equal shares irrespective of gender? 

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