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All Fatawaas

How to Distribute the Financial Benefits of Solidarity Funds among Beneficiaries

I have subscribed in the Solidarity Fund of the Jordanian Constructions Contractors Association and specified the beneficiaries, in the event of my death, as "My children." Does the word "Awladi/My Children" encompass males and females? Should the benefits be divided amongst them equally or in accordance with the rules of Sharia?

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Heirs are Obliged to Divide the Estate according to the Rules of Sharia

A Muslim physician working in Germany has passed away leaving a father, a mother, two daughters and two sons. The German government gave half of his estate to the wife and the other half to the children; one eighth for each, and deprived the parents. The latter are claiming their share of the estate. What is the ruling of Sharia on this?

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Ruling when a Father Registers Part of his Property in the Name of his Son for a Specific Reason

What is the ruling when a father registers part of his property in the name of his disabled son who needs constant treatment?

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Ruling on Taking Guarantees from the Purchase Orderer before Receiving the Commodity from the Seller

We deal with an Islamic financial institution through a contract of Murabaha to the purchase orderer. However, this institution insists that we sign the contract and the promissory notes before it (bank) receives the commodities from the seller. What is the ruling of Sharia on this?

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Difference in Religion is an Obstacle to Inheritance

Does a non-Muslim wife inherit her Muslim husband? In addition, does she inherit him if she embraced Islam after his death?

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Ruling on the Commissions Charged through E-Wallets

I have e-wallets like Orange Money and Zain Cash. I use these to pay water and electricity bills and traffic fines on behalf of the clients. Is it permissible to charge a commission for this service? For example, if the electricity bill is 10JDs, the client pays me 11JDs. If the client transfers 100JDs through one of the e-wallets, I take 5JDs out of that sum. Is this permissible?

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Detailed Rulings of Family Waqf

A man endowed his properties for the benefit of his family members. Are his children (Males and females) entitled to benefit from this Waqf? Are the children of his daughters entitled to benefit from it as well? Can a beneficiary sell or rent out his/her benefit from the Waqf?

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Ruling on Renting out Property to an Islamic Bank

I own a property in a commercial area and received an offer to rent out all or part of it to be used as a new branch for an Islamic bank. What is the ruling of Sharia on renting out this property knowing that the bank will use it for practicing its usual commercial activities?

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Ruling on Reducing Murabaha Ratio for Previous Funding

An investment fund finances employees in the form of Murabaha to purchase orderer up to eight years. Currently, the fund is reviewing the Murabaha* ratios and is expected to reduce the ratios for future contracts by one percentage point compared to the Murabaha ratio currently applied. Accordingly, is it permissible to reduce the Murabah ratio for the old funding and is this reduction compatible with the expected reduction for the future Murabaha ratio?

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Ruling on Trading Currencies Using Option Contracts

What is the ruling of Sharia on trading currencies using option contracts?

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Islamic Ruling on Legal Heir Claiming Share of the Estate
What is the ruling of Sharia on claiming my share of the estate? What is the ruling on refusing the idea of dividing the estate by some of the heirs although I`m in dire need for my share? Is claiming the division of the estate considered disobedience to my mother?
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Ruling on Installing Points of Sale Devices in Tourist Hotels and Restaurants

I work for a company that provides payment services for traders` financial entitlements by Master and Visa card through their points of sale devices. Is it allowed to install such devices in tourist restaurants that serve alcoholic drinks?

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Ruling when Hired Worker Exploits Working Hours for Personal Benefit

There is an employer who doesn`t pay a hired worker the wages which he deserves considering his expertise and qualifications. Not only this, but he also forces him to return a portion of the wages approved by the state. Is this lawful? In addition, is it permissible for the worker to exploit the working hours and tools for personal benefit to make up for the above deduction?

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Rules of Ju`alah Contract Conducted through Banks

Some shops sell products by installments, through banks, with same price of cash to encourage people to buy from them (Shops). I have visited one of these shops and was told that this transaction is conducted through a Ju`alah contract and that the bank takes nothing from the customer. Rather, it takes a commission from the merchant. What is the ruling of Sharia on this transaction?

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Ruling on Searching for Treasures in Graves and Lands of others

What is the ruling of Sharia on exhuming graves and digging in state and private lands in search for hidden treasures?

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