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All Fatawaas

Ruling on Borrowing Money to Host Ramadan Iftar Banquet

Is it permissible to pay the expenses of hosting Ramadan Iftar banquet by installments via finance company?

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Expenses Spent on Estate should be Shouldered by Heirs according to their Shares

How should the expenses spent on my late father`s estate be divided amongst his heirs before the division of the estate? Should they be shouldered equally or according to the shares prescribed in Sharia?

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Islamic Ruling when a New Partner Joins and Existing Partnership

Can new partners join an existing partnership with a varying share rate between partners, knowing that the company's activity is in trading cars in cash and installments?

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Ruling on the Murabaha Contract of the Social Security Foundation Employees' Housing Fund
What is the ruling of Sharia on the Social Security Foundation Employees' Housing Fund (See attached copy)?
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Ruling on the Murabaha Contract of the "Money for Finance" Company

Would you clarify the ruling of Sharia on the contract of Murabaha to the purchase orderer of the "Money for Finance" Company; see attached copy?

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Islamic Ruling on the Waqf of Animals (Sheep) and Benefitting from it

Before passing away, my father told us to dedicate some sheep as Waqf (Religious endowment) and sell their male produce. Half of the price is to be given for charity on his behalf and the other half is to be spent on the fodder and water of the Waqf sheep. We have been doing this for almost 18 years; however, the rise in the price of barely made it difficult to cover their expenses knowing that they have become 13 sheep. Is it allowed to sell them and give the money for charity on behalf of our late father?

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In Principle, Financial Transactions should be Based on Clear Agreement between the Parties

Zaid came to Amr advising him to invest a sum of money in the stock exchange, and told him: "Don't worry, I got this." Accordingly, Amr understood that the profit will be 50/50 and Zaid alone will be liable for the loss. Amr paid that sum as a mixture of investment and debt. The contract was concluded in Zaid`s name who paid (20000 JDS) by Amr. Within 45 days, they made a profit of about (6000 JDs) and this amount was divided equally between them. However, after a few days, the stock exchange collapsed and all the investors lost their money. Zaid filed a case against the stock exchange, but it was of no avail.  Zaid committed to pay (17000 JDs) to Amr. I.e. the capital minus his portion of the profit (3000 JDs). What is the ruling of Sharia on this contract?

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Ruling when one Partner Handles a Financial Matter without the Permission of the other Partner

One partner has obtained a loan from a conventional bank based on a mortgage from his father. However, the company`s system stipulates that the signature authority with regards to financial matters can`t be conducted save with the approval of both partners. In addition, the bank has exempted the non-borrowing partner from the guarantee. In light of this, is the non-borrowing partner liable for that loan?

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How to Distribute the Financial Benefits of Solidarity Funds among Beneficiaries

I have subscribed in the Solidarity Fund of the Jordanian Constructions Contractors Association and specified the beneficiaries, in the event of my death, as "My children." Does the word "Awladi/My Children" encompass males and females? Should the benefits be divided amongst them equally or in accordance with the rules of Sharia?

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Ruling on the Ju`alah Contract of the Jordanian Company "Smart Solutions for Financial Services"
What is the ruling on the Ju`alah Contract of the Jordanian Company "Smart Solutions for Financial Services", see attached copy?
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Heirs are Obliged to Divide the Estate according to the Rules of Sharia

A Muslim physician working in Germany has passed away leaving a father, a mother, two daughters and two sons. The German government gave half of his estate to the wife and the other half to the children; one eighth for each, and deprived the parents. The latter are claiming their share of the estate. What is the ruling of Sharia on this?

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Ruling when a Father Registers Part of his Property in the Name of his Son for a Specific Reason

What is the ruling when a father registers part of his property in the name of his disabled son who needs constant treatment?

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Ruling on Taking Guarantees from the Purchase Orderer before Receiving the Commodity from the Seller

We deal with an Islamic financial institution through a contract of Murabaha to the purchase orderer. However, this institution insists that we sign the contract and the promissory notes before it (bank) receives the commodities from the seller. What is the ruling of Sharia on this?

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Ruling on Restricting the Cheque with the Phrase "Not to be Cashed Save to the First Beneficiary."

We deal with an Islamic finance company through a contract of Murabah to the Purchase orderer.  This company writes the phrase "Not to be Cashed Save to the First Beneficiary" on the cheque that is paid to the seller. What is the Islamic ruling on writing this phrase?

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Difference in Religion is an Obstacle to Inheritance

Does a non-Muslim wife inherit her Muslim husband? In addition, does she inherit him if she embraced Islam after his death?

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