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All Fatawaas

Taking Covid-19 Test doesn`t Break one`s Fast during Ramadan

Does taking Covid-19 test during day time of Ramadan render one`s fast invalid?

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Eating and Drinking after the Second Athaan in Ramadan is Prohibited

Does eating, or drinking while the Mo`azn says (Allah Akbbar) at the beginning of the second call for dawn prayer nullify fasting ?

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Masturbating during the Day of Ramadan Renders One’s Fast Invalid

What is the ruling on masturbating during the day of Ramadan? Is it considered one of the matters that invalidates a person’s fasting? And what is due on one who does that?

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It is Recommended for the Fasting Person not to Taste Food Save for a Valid Excuse

I used to taste food while observing fast, but after a while I got to know that it wasn`t permissible. What am I liable for?

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: Ruling on Swimming during Daytime in Ramadan Is it permissible for a fasting person to swim during daytime in Ramadan? • Read More
Ruling on Masturbating during Daytime in Ramadan to Undergo Semen Analysis A married man was asked by his doctor to undergo a semen analysis test during daytime in Ramadan for artificial insemination. What is the Islamic ruling on this? • Read More
Ruling on Exchanging kisses and Hugs between Husband and Wife during the Day in Ramadan What is the ruling on exchanging kisses and hugs between husband and wife during the day in Ramadan? • Read More
Does Dialysis Invalidate Fasting Is the patient who is on dialysis twice a week obliged to observe fasting? Is his fasting on the days he is on dialysis considered valid or not? • Read More
What is the ruling on having slight discharges of menstrual blood during a day of Ramadhaan, and before Maghrib time ? • Read More
Is the Saum(Fasting) of someone who ate and drank forgetfully while offering fasting of oath expiation invalidated ? • Read More
Does Swallowing Mucus Nullify one`s Fasting?

What is the ruling when a person swallows his/her mucus while fasting in Ramadan?

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It is Forbidden for a Fasting Person to Satisfy Sexual Desire by Foreplay

My husband wanted to have sexual intercourse with me during the daytime in Ramadan, but I objected to that. However, he engaged in foreplay with me but without insertion. What am I liable for?

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Skin Patches don`t Invalidate Fasting

Do nicotine patches applied to the skin in Ramadan invalidate fast if they were used to help the person quit smoking, or even to continue fast?

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Whoever Forgetfully Slept with Wife should Complete his Supererogatory Fast

A person was observing supererogatory fast and forgetfully slept with his wife, but she didn`t know that he was fasting. Should he continue his fast or is it considered broken?

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A Person is Ritually Pure unless Certain Otherwise

While observing fast in Ramadan, I realized that I didn`t become free of menses because I quickly made Ghusl (Ritual bath) before making sure that it has ended. As a result, I estimated the number of these days as I thought most probable and made up for them on the basis that I have my menses in Ramadan for one time, but I don`t remember if I had experienced it twice or not in that same month?

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