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Pledging Money as Collateral doesn`t Discontinue the Hawl of Zakah On Sept. 9th, 2015, ten thousand JDs were paid to Income and Sales Tax Department as an insurance against the issuance of an importer`s card. Three years later, that money was given back. Is Zakah due on it? • Read More
Authorizing a Charitable Organization to Give the Zakaah of Cash as Food Parcels What is the ruling of Sharia on giving the Zakaah of cash in the form of food parcels? • Read More
Ruling on Money Earned during Hawl I have a sum of money that reached Nisaab in the month of Muharam. Six months later, I earned a thousand JDs. Should I pay the Zakah on both amounts or just the portion which reached Nisaab and one lunar year elapsed on possessing it? • Read More
It is Permissible to Intend Gifts Given to Relatives on Eid Day as Zakah Is it permissible to consider gifts given to relatives, if they were poor, on the Eid {feast} day as Zakah{obligatory charity}? Is it permissible to give them as items or presents? • Read More
Is Zakah(obligatory charity) due on the money saved for marriage? • Read More
Sharia Basis for Nissab of Gold and its Assessment in Modern Weights School books state that the Nisaab for gold is (85 grams) of pure gold, so the Nisaab of circulated currency is calculated through multiplying (85 grams) by the current price of the gram of gold. However, the book "Al-Fiqh Al-Manhaji Ala Al-Math-hab Al-Shafie" states otherwise, so where did the Nisaab for gold (85 grams) come from and is it based on evidence from Sharia? • Read More