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Ruling on Killing Dogs and Ruling on their Impurity Does a dog transmit impurity? Does touching a dog invalidate ablution? Is it permissible to kill and mutilate? • Read More
Ruling on Praying While One's Clothes are Soiled with Blood Is one`s prayer valid when performed while there is blood on his/her clothes ? • Read More
Ruling on the Water Coming from Impure Clothes What is the ruling on the water which comes from impure clothes during washing? • Read More
Is it true that whatever is dry is pure even if there was impurity on it ? • Read More
Is it permissible for someone who has forgotten to mention the supplication pertaining to answering the call of nature to say it while in the toilet ? • Read More
Is washing the private part after urinating(Istinjaa`) a condition, and is it done with water and soap, or with water only? • Read More
Registering Names on Containers of Medical Samples What is the ruling on writing patients` names on containers with urine, stool or blood samples for analysis; especially if they (The names) included some of Allah's attributes. For example, Abdullah and Abdurahman? • Read More
Ruling on the Remnants of Feces after Performing Istinjaa' When I go defecate or answer the call of nature, some remnants of feces and urine are hard to remove. Does this affect the validity of ablution? • Read More
Ruling on Using some Cosmetics What`s the ruling on using the following materials in manufacturing cosmetics: olive oil, Vaseline, talc powder, glycerin, honey, almond oil, pine oil, galingale and marjoram? • Read More
Ruling on what Comes out of Baby`s Mouth before Reaching its Stomach Is what comes out of a baby`s(Male/female) mouth directly after being breastfed considered impure vomit, and that if it landed on someone`s clothes, it becomes imperative on that person to make Wudu`(Ablution)? • Read More
Ruling on Urinating Standing up What is the ruling on urinating standing up? • Read More