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Resolution No.(10) by the Board of Iftaa`, Research and Islamic Studies:
“ Children are Considered Muslims Following any of their Parents “           
Date: 8/11/1408 AH, 22/6/1988 AD


Question: What is the ruling of Sharia on the following: 

Mr. (X) obtained a family register in 1979 on basis of being a Christian. Later on, he produced a certificate issued by a Sharia court indicating  that he had embraced Islam in 1971. On September 16th, 1987, he requested changing his religion from Christianity into Islam in both: the civil register and the family register, based on the above certificate.

Based on the aforementioned certificate, the registrar changed Mr. (X`s) religion from Christianity into Islam, and the latter was issued a new family register on basis of being a Muslim.

In 1974, Mr. (X) married Mrs.(O) at a Catholic church. Later on, his children(A,B,C), who are all above eighteen, came to the registrar and requested keeping their religion as Christians in the civil register, family register and  identification cards.

What is the view of the Iftaa` Board on them keeping their religion as Christians although they were minors when their father embraced Islam in 1974.

Answer: All perfect praise be to Allah, The Lord of the Worlds.

The Board is of the view that the children mentioned in the above question are considered Muslims because they were minors when their father embraced Islam. They should have been registered as Muslims by the  concerned government departments after their father embraced Islam as stipulated by the rulings of Sharia and the effective Jordanian laws. This is because a minor follows the religion of his/her father as stated by the four Islamic schools of thought.

As regards their request  to keep their Christian religion in official documents after having reached the age of puberty, this matter isn`t permissible according to the rulings of Sharia since a person who changes his/her religion from Islam into any other religion is considered an apostate and his/her new religion isn`t recognized. And Allah knows best.




The Board of Iftaa`

Chairman of the Board, Chief Justice, Mohammad Mohailan
The Grand Mufti of Jordan, Vice Chairman of the Iftaa` Board: Izz al-Deen al-Tamimi
Dr. Nooh al-Qodat                Dr.Ibrahim al-Keelani

Dr. Abdulfatah Amr              Dr. Abdulhalim Ar-Ramahi
Dr. Mostafa Az-Zarqa           Dr. Mahmood al-Sartawi
Dr. Mahmood al-Reffai        Dr. Abdulssalam al-Abbadi
Dr. Yaseen Daraddkeh

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