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Resolutions of Iftaa' Board

Date Added : 02-11-2015


Resolution No.(93) by the Board of Iftaa' Research and Islamic Studies:

"Ruling on Investing Minor's Money by the Guardian"

Date: 3/8/1426 AH 7/9/2005 AD



Answer: The Board  decided  that is unlawful to develop or to invest a minor's property in accordance with the ruling of Shariaa, Also the minor must  be guided to make lawful earnings and avoiding unlawful earnings .

As a result, it's lawful for a guardian to invest or to develop a minor's money on condition of a commitment before Sharia Judge to do so in line with its rulings.

In case the guardian fails to fulfill his duties, it is considered unlawful and he is responsible for the minor's money which requires to invalidate his custody. And Allah Knows Best.



Chair man of the Iftaa' Board

Chief Justice/Izzaldeen At-Tamimi

Dr. Abd-Asslam Al-Abaddi

Dr. Yousef Ghaidahn

Dr. Abdolmajeed As-Salaheen

Sheikh Sai`ed Hijjawi


Dr. Wasif Al-Bakri 

Sheikh Abdulkareem Khasawneh

Sheikh Na`iem Mujjahid

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