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"The Role of Religious Discourse in Curbing the Scourge of Drugs"

Author : The General Iftaa` Department

Date Added : 09-11-2022

"The Role of Religious Discourse in Curbing the Scourge of Drugs"


In cooperation with the Iftaa` Department, the Directorate of Public Security organized a symposium under the title "The Role of Religious Discourse in Curbing the Scourge of Drugs," Sunday, 6th of Nov. 2022. This symposium is a part of a series of education and awareness-raising activities launched by the Directorate to protect the community from the scourge of drugs.

Grand Mufti Sheikh AbdulKareem Al-Khasawneh, Minister of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs Dr. Mohammad Al-Khalayleh, Director of Public Security Maj. Gen. Obeidullah Al-Ma`aytah, the representative of the Chief Justice Dr. Sameeh Al-Zou`bi, and the representative of the Archbishop of the Greek Orthodox Father Elias Barakat attended this symposium, which was held in King Hussein Cultural Centre.

The symposium discussed the importance and the influential role of the religious discourse in disseminating knowledge, raising awareness on the dangers of drugs, uniting the community in combating the evils of drugs as well as traffickers and dealers who seek to make unlawful gains at the expense of the security of the community and the safety of its members.

The Grand Mufti said that Shariah came to preserve the five necessities: religion, life, intellect, lineage, and wealth, and warned that whatever harms these necessities is prohibited. The drugs is the most evil of menaces as it causes the loss of religion, destroys life, intellects, lineage and wealth. Therefore, it is our national and religious duty to combat this dangerous phenomenon.

On his part, the Minister of Awqaf stressed the importance of faith in fortifying the individual and motivating him/her to avoid whatever is in violation of Sharia and destroys the intellect. In addition, he pointed that the participatory roles played by the Ministry of Awqaf, through Friday sermons, religious lessons, preaching, and guidance, are a religious duty that aims to protect the community and strengthen its security in an integrated framework; especially when it comes to combating drugs.

On his part, the representative of the Chief Justice spoke about the devastating impact caused by drugs leading to the breakup of families and damaging community, which requires enhancing the religious discourse to combat the dangers of drugs and develop solutions to curb this obstacle.

On his part, the representative of the Archbishop of the Greek Orthodox explained that the church is keen on guiding its subjects towards the ways of goodness and love and avoiding whatever deforms God`s creation on the physical, psychological, and spiritual levels. This includes raising awareness on the dangers of drugs, ways of prevention, and developing the minds of the youth to create healthy generations.

The Director of Iftaa and guidance in the Directorate of Public Security Colonel Dr. Samer Al-Hawamleh expressed keenness on cementing partnerships and bridges of cooperation with various religious institutions in Jordan in support for the efforts to curb the spread of drugs and other negative and crime phenomena. This goes beyond the traditional security measures employing preventive roles that help enhance community`s safety and stability.

The symposium included specialized discussions and research papers that shed light on the elements and foundations of the religious discourse guided to serve the community and keep abreast of its needs and phenomena; particularly the problem of drugs, which requires joining efforts and roles showing that it is harmful, prohibited and must be combatted.


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