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Nothing Wrong with Making Cake Images Is it permissible to make animal cake images or other designs, knowing that they are made from fondant for eating? • Read More
Ruling on E-Cigarette and E-Hookah What is the ruling on using e-cigarette and e-hookah? • Read More
Ruling on Using Bone Broth for Treatment

I have bought bone broth powder from America. It is made from bones of cow, chicken and turkey without any additives. However, the word "Halal" wasn`t written on the can nor the method of slaughtering the animal. I bought this broth without paying attention to these details for I was concerned with the fact that it contains ingredients that help heal the intestines. Moreover, it is worth mentioning that normal stock powder contains harmful ingredients and is non-therapeutic. What is the ruling of Sharia on having this type of broth?

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Ruling on Materials Extracted from Filthy Substances

What is the ruling of Sharia on using Carmine E120, a colourant extracted from insects, in food industries? It is worth pointing out that this colourant results from boiling the insect, draining the liquid, and removing the remnants of the insect during manufacturing stages. In addition, this colourant is Halal certified.

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Selling Hookah and Offering it to others is Impermissible What is the ruling on opening a restaurant that offers the hookah for people to smoke? • Read More
Is it Allowed to Eat Cheese Made in Western Countries with Animal Rennet? Is it allowed to eat cheese made in western countries with animal rennet? • Read More
A Small Amount of Nutmeg is Permissible, but a Large Amount is Prohibited

Why is nutmeg excluded from the Sharia rule: “If a large amount of anything causes intoxication, a small amount of it is prohibited"? Also, is it permissible to add a little bit of nutmeg to the food to make it tastier?

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It is Impermissible to Believe that something is of Great Benefit without Sharia or Rational Evidence
What is the ruling on using incense with Ruqyah ( Quranic recitation over patient)?
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Ruling on Using Vanilla in Foods and Sweets Several websites differentiate between two forms of vanilla: liquid and powder. the making of the liquid type involves soaking it in wine. What is the ruling of Sharia` on using this ingredient in making foods and sweets ? • Read More
Ruling on Eating Fish that Live in Polluted Water

What is the ruling of Islamic Law on eating fish that live in polluted water (Fish caught from Zarka River)?

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What is the ruling on a Muslim who slaughters an animal while being in a state of Janabah(ritual impurity)? • Read More
Is it permissible to fish on Saturday? • Read More
What is the ruling on working for a company that manufactures cigarettes? • Read More
What is the ruling on smoking? • Read More
Is it permissible to add the nutmeg to one`s food? • Read More