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Islamic Ruling on Taking Medications to Make Fosterage Milk and the Consequent Rulings

What is the ruling of Sharia on lactating by enzymes before or after marriage?

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Is Prohibition for Marriage Owing to Fosterage Established in Case Mother`s Milk is Frozen?

Is the prohibition for marriage owing to fosterage established in case the mother`s milk is frozen?

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Is it permissible for my brother, whom I had suckled, to conclude a marriage contract between his daughter and my son? Read More

Is my son who was breastfed one filling time by my aunt considered a brother to her children? Read More

Are all the children of a suckling woman considered brothers to the strange child whom their mother had breastfed, or just to the one who had suckled with him? Read More

What is Prohibited By Reason of Lineage is Prohibited by Suckling

Khadijah, the wife of Ahmad, has breastfed Mohammad. After a while, Ahmad married Fatimah. Is Fatimah among the women with whom marriage, for Mohammad, is forbidden forever?

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Suckling of Adult doesn`t Establish Prohibition for Marriage

Does suckling the one who is older than two years establish the prohibition for marriage?

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It was Found that his Sister had Suckled his Wife Twice

My daughter married a relative of ours and had two daughters. Later on, we found that her husband`s sister had suckled her twice, but she doesn`t remember whether she was suckled a third time or not. What is the ruling of Sharia on this?

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Number of Suckling Times Prohibiting Marriage

I have two sisters. One of them had suckled the baby of the other only once. Does this baby become her foster-child since, according to some scholars, if the child is suckled once; he/she becomes forbidden in marriage?

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Suckling from Grandmothers Prohibits Grandchildren to Intermarry

What is the ruling of Sharia on marrying (X) although she was suckled by my grandfather`s second wife (not my grandmother) taking into consideration the fact that I myself haven`t been suckled by her?

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Getting Married from One's Foster Niece is Impermissible

I used to breastfeed from my great grandmother for more than once. Am I permitted to marry my maternal aunt's daughter?

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Husband of Suckling Woman Becomes Child`s Foster-Father

A woman, in addition to my grandmother, has suckled my mother. The husband of the woman was also married to a second woman. Are the children of the second woman considered my maternal uncles by virtue of fosterage? 

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Although she had Breastfed her Sister`s Son, he Engaged her Daughter

Twenty years ago, I breastfed my sister`s son, but can`t remember how many times. After he had grown up, he proposed to my daughter and the marriage contract was concluded although I warned them not to do so. Fortunately, the marriage hasn`t been consummated. What is the legal ruling on this?

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Replying to the Hadith about Adult Breastfeeding

How should the Hadith concerning the breastfeeding of the adult be replied to?

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Prohibiting Marriage because of Suckling is Confirmed regardless of the Milk's Form

What is the ruling on freezing a mother`s milk to feed it to another baby so that the latter becomes hers by suckling ?

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