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Islamic Ruling on Taking Medications to Make Fosterage Milk and the Consequent Rulings

What is the ruling of Sharia on lactating by enzymes before or after marriage?

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Is Prohibition for Marriage Owing to Fosterage Established in Case Mother`s Milk is Frozen?

Is the prohibition for marriage owing to fosterage established in case the mother`s milk is frozen?

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Is it permissible for my brother, whom I had suckled, to conclude a marriage contract between his daughter and my son? • Read More
Is my son who was breastfed one filling time by my aunt considered a brother to her children? • Read More
Are all the children of a suckling woman considered brothers to the strange child whom their mother had breastfed, or just to the one who had suckled with him? • Read More
What is Prohibited By Reason of Lineage is Prohibited by Suckling

Khadijah, the wife of Ahmad, has breastfed Mohammad. After a while, Ahmad married Fatimah. Is Fatimah among the women with whom marriage, for Mohammad, is forbidden forever?

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Suckling of Adult doesn`t Establish Prohibition for Marriage

Does suckling the one who is older than two years establish the prohibition for marriage?

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It was Found that his Sister had Suckled his Wife Twice

My daughter married a relative of ours and had two daughters. Later on, we found that her husband`s sister had suckled her twice, but she doesn`t remember whether she was suckled a third time or not. What is the ruling of Sharia on this?

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Number of Suckling Times Prohibiting Marriage

I have two sisters. One of them had suckled the baby of the other only once. Does this baby become her foster-child since, according to some scholars, if the child is suckled once; he/she becomes forbidden in marriage?

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Suckling from Grandmothers Prohibits Grandchildren to Intermarry

What is the ruling of Sharia on marrying (X) although she was suckled by my grandfather`s second wife (not my grandmother) taking into consideration the fact that I myself haven`t been suckled by her?

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Getting Married from One's Foster Niece is Impermissible

I used to breastfeed from my great grandmother for more than once. Am I permitted to marry my maternal aunt's daughter?

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Husband of Suckling Woman Becomes Child`s Foster-Father

A woman, in addition to my grandmother, has suckled my mother. The husband of the woman was also married to a second woman. Are the children of the second woman considered my maternal uncles by virtue of fosterage? 

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Although she had Breastfed her Sister`s Son, he Engaged her Daughter

Twenty years ago, I breastfed my sister`s son, but can`t remember how many times. After he had grown up, he proposed to my daughter and the marriage contract was concluded although I warned them not to do so. Fortunately, the marriage hasn`t been consummated. What is the legal ruling on this?

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Replying to the Hadith about Adult Breastfeeding

How should the Hadith concerning the breastfeeding of the adult be replied to?

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Prohibiting Marriage because of Suckling is Confirmed regardless of the Milk's Form

What is the ruling on freezing a mother`s milk to feed it to another baby so that the latter becomes hers by suckling ?

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