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Poverty doesn`t Absolve Husband from Paying Deferred Mahr Does poverty absolve husband from paying the deferred portion of Mahr(Bridal money) in case he divorced his wife? • Read More
Deferred Dowry of Deceased`s Wife must be Paid before Division of Inheritance My father passed away, and as we started distributing some of the inheritance among his heirs, his other wife claimed her deferred dowry(bridal gift), although there are plots of land and other properties which we haven`t sold yet. Should we give it to her right away or after everything is sold? • Read More
Are Presents Considered Part of the Bride`s Dowry? Are the presents given to the bride by the bridegroom`s family, on the wedding night, considered part of her dowry? • Read More
Ruling on Mahr upon Abolishing its Currency My father had passed away, but my mother is still alive. In their marriage contract, my mother`s deferred portion of the Mahr was (2000) liras. However, this currency was abolished, and replaced with a new one. What is the ruling on this? • Read More
Settling Debt with a Different Currency is Permissible It was agreed in a marriage contract that a certain husband pays the deferred portion of his wife`s Mahr(Bridal gift) in gold in case he divorced her; is it permissible to pay the value of that gold in Jordanian currency, and at what rate? Should the gold be valued as a whole, then the deferred Mahr is to be paid in installments accordingly, or should it be valued monthly, then paid for by installments? • Read More
Ruling when the Wife`s Heirs Claim her Deferred Dowry upon her Death My brother, his wife and their children died in a traffic accident. Do the heirs have the right to claim her deferred dowry? • Read More