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All Fatawaas

Ruling on Spreading Rumors to Increase Stock Prices One economic group plans to spread rumors to increase the stock prices of a certain company. Is it permissible that I buy the stocks of this particular company prior to the increase so that I sell them latter for a higher price. In fact, I have neither the power nor the potential to stop this group from doing that because they work on an international level, and I can`t even tell the people about the truth of the matter because it happens suddenly. However, the company`s work and stocks are, in principle, lawful. • Read More
Ruling on Debts for which Modern Corporations are Liable What is the stand of Sharia on investing in a corporation, which trades in lawful goods, and has a separate legal entity? And the fact that partners aren`t required to pay off that corporation`s debts from their own wealth as they are the liability of the corporation itself? • Read More
Ruling on Partner Withdrawing from Share in Capital before Execution of Project Two partners have agreed to execute a housing project. One of them pays a certain amount in cash and the other pays whatever is needed to finish the project. However, after purchasing the land upon which the houses were supposed to be built, one of them withdrew some amounts from his share in the capital of the company before the execution of the project. How should the profits be divided? • Read More
A Partner is Permitted to Rent his Share to his Partner Is a partner permitted to rent his share to his other partner against a fixed monthly payment? • Read More
Took a Loan from a Company and Decided to Return it after it Closed down What is the ruling on one who has taken a loan from a company with the intention of not paying it back? However, after sometime, he decided to return it, but found out that the company had closed down, most debts were lapsed, and owners changed. Is it permissible to give that money to public or private institutions as charity on behalf of its owners? • Read More
Ruling when Capital Provider Stipulates Participating in Mudarabah Business Is the capital provider/owner allowed to participate in the Mudarabah business? • Read More
Ruling on Trademark of a Mudarabah (Partnership) Upon liquidation of a Mudarabah business for profit calculation, the market value of its trademark has skyrocketed. Should that value be calculated as profit for both partners or only for the financier or capital provider? • Read More
Ruling on Subscribing in Social Takaful Insurance What is the ruling on the Military Credit Fund subscribing in Social Takaful Insurance? • Read More
Ruling on not Disclosing Financial Information to New Partner Is it permissible not to disclose the financial situation of a General Partnership Company, which is up to its ears in debt, to a new partner under the pretext of maintaining reputation? • Read More
How to Liquidate a Business A father and his two sons have become partners in a certain business. However, after a while, the father and one of them withdrew their money causing that business to close down. Is it permissible for their partner to demand settling the mutual accounts of that business? • Read More
Depreciation on Fixed Assets should be Covered by Rentier Is it permissible to deduct the amount of depreciation on fixed assets from the agent`s/Mudhaarib`s share in the profit of a partnership contract/Mudhaarabah contract? • Read More
Zakah of Shares is Based on their Kind How should the Zakah of shares, in Mudarabah(co-partnership) transaction or in long-term investment, be paid? • Read More
It is Conditioned to Advance Payment of Capital in Partnership There is a building that costs 700.000 JDs. A number of individuals have paid 300.000 JDs in cash at the start of construction. The remaining 400.000 JDs are supposed to be paid later on by one person or more, or a company. The latter have guaranteed bringing that sum over a period to be agreed upon with all partners where it will be paid in full during the completion of the project(Building). Is this contract valid or should the whole capital be paid at the beginning of construction? • Read More
It isn`t Permissible for one of the Partners to Guarantee Company`s Capital Who should guarantee the company`s capital in case of loss? • Read More
Partners should be Liable to Loss, each according to his Capital What is the ruling of Sharia when loss is incurred in shared materials; should partners be liable to that loss? • Read More