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It is Recommended to Send Blessings upon the Prophet (PBUH) What is the Islamic ruling on sending blessings upon the Prophet (PBUH) with someone visiting his grave or going for Haj or Umrah? • Read More
Ruling on Istikhara Using Beads What is the ruling on Istikhara using beads? The idea is to stop at a certain bead, while making remembrance, or when the beads end at a certain remembrance, then decide to do or not to do something based on whether the number you stopped at is even or odd. • Read More
No Specific Formula for Sending Blessings upon the Prophet (PBUH) Is it permissible to send blessings upon the Prophet (PBUH) via this formula: "O Allah, send blessings upon Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), the repeller of calamity, epidemic, drought, sickness, and pain", or is it considered polytheism? • Read More
There is no Harm in Invoking Allah by the Infants and the Praying Elderly Is it permissible to ask Allah for recovery through making any of the following supplications: "O Allah!, I invoke you by my infants to grant me recovery" or "O Allah!, I invoke you by my praying parents to grant me recovery". • Read More
Best Time to Recite Morning and Evening Dhikr I used to recite morning Dhikr(Remembrance of Allah) before the call for Maghrib prayer and evening Dhikr before the call for Ishaa` prayer on the basis that morning extends from Fajr (dawn) to Maghrib and evening extends from Maghrib to the Fajr, is this valid? • Read More
Does ill-gotten Money Hinder the Answering of the Du`a(supplication) and the Means of Subsistence Does ill-gotten money hinder the answering of the Du`a(supplication) and the means of subsistence? • Read More
Ruling on Reciting Verses on Water and Drinking it What is the ruling on reciting verses of the Holy Quran on water, then drinking it? • Read More
Ruling on Reciting Al-Fatihah for Acceptance of Supplication Is it permissible to recite Al-Fatihah and say after making supplication: O, Allah! I invoke you by al-Fatihah to accept my supplication? • Read More
A Woman's Supplication during Childbirth Is a woman's supplication during childbirth likely to be answered by Allah? Is this proven in Sharia texts • Read More
Ruling on using Beads Is using beads to say Tasbih(Saying Subhaan Allah) and Istighfar(Saying Astagfiru Allah) an innovation? and is the one using them considered sinful, even if he can`t keep count using his fingertips? • Read More
Eid Congregational Takbeer is Permissible What is the ruling on Eid congregational Takbeer ? • Read More
Ruling on Sending Prayers upon the Prophet(PBUH)after the Adhaan What is the ruling of Sharia on sending prayers upon the Prophet(PBUH) after the Adhaan? • Read More