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Ruling on Woman Reciting Aloud during Prayer Depends on Situation What is the ruling on a woman reciting aloud during prayer and when saying "Ameen"? • Read More
Difference between Qiyam, Tahajjud and Tarawih Prayers What is the difference between Qiyam, Tahajjud and Tarawih prayers? • Read More
Ruling on Raising Hands in Du`a What is the Islamic ruling on raising hands when offering Du`a in general, and when an Imam does so at the end of the Friday sermon? • Read More
Prayer of Lunar Eclipse and its Rulings How is the prayer of lunar eclipse performed? And what are its rulings? • Read More
Number of Rakahs of Taraweeh Prayer What is the number of Rakahs of Taraweeh prayer? • Read More
Saying 'Yarhamukallaah' to a Sneezer during Prayer What is the ruling on one who sneezed during prayer? Should he say 'Alhamdulillah'? And is he permitted to say 'Yarhamukallaah' to a sneezer? • Read More
The Time of Maghrib Prayer Is delaying Maghrib prayer to the end of its prescribed time considered a make up for it? And why is Maghrib time called (Ghareeb)? • Read More
Ruling on the Prostration in Surat (Sad) during and Outside Prayer What`s the ruling on the prostration in Surat (Saad) and does it invalidate the prayer of one who performs it? • Read More
Performing Prayers in Sequence when Making Delayed Combination is Recommended If I`m making Jam` Ta`khir{Delayed combination} of Thuhr and `Asr, what is the ruling on offering them in sequence? • Read More
Ruling on Friday Prayer for Individuals who cannot Leave Work Place Is it permissible for individuals who can`t leave their work place, such as doctors, police officers and civil defense personnel, not to join the congregation for Friday prayer {Jumu`ah}? • Read More
Following the Prescribed Sequence of Prayer by Watching Imaam Via Screen is Valid Is it permissible to place a screen in the women`s prayer place displaying the Imaam as if he was in front of them so as for their prayer to be accurate; especially, silent prayer? • Read More
Observing the Proper Sequence of Missed Prayers is Recommended What is the ruling on making up and observing the sequence of missed prayers? • Read More
Awareness of Imam`s Positions is a Condition for the Validity of Following him What is the ruling on joining the congregation at a place separated from the Imam`s? Is following the Imam, although he is two stores above, valid? • Read More
It is Recommended to Repeat the Words of Athaan and Iqaama Should the words of the Athaan be repeated after the Iqaama as well? • Read More
Ruling on Combining Prayers because of Wind, Mud and Dust Is it permissible to combine prayers in the mosque because of heavy dust, mud, and wind, similar to rain, knowing that dust could be more harmful than rain? • Read More