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Ruling on Taking Commissions Utilizing Electronic Portfolios

I have an electronic portfolio (Zain Cash) through which I pay clients` different bills (water, electricity, traffic fines etcetera.). Is it permissible to take commissions against this service? For example, I charge one JD for a ten-JD electricity bill and five JDs for transferring one hundred JDs. Is this permissible?

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Ruling on Using Mobile Payments Service

What is the Islamic ruling on using electronic and mobile payments service issued by Zain under the name (Zain Cash)? In fact, Zain Cash gives the user secure and convenient means to conduct financial transactions and process monthly payments. It is now possible to use one`s mobile to transfer money, pay invoices, and withdraw cash, in addition to other services.

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Rulings and Conditions of Using Credit Cards

What is the ruling on using credit cards?

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Ruling on Paying by Credit Card

What is the ruling of Sharia on using credit cards(Visa, Master…) by parents to pay for the tuition of their children where the company which issues the cards deducts an agreed upon percentage and deposits the rest in the school`s bank account within two or three days?

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