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Ruling on Providing the Service of Paying University Fees on Instalments Using Murabaha Is it permissible for a staff provident fund to provide its members with the service of paying their university fees on instalments using Murabah? • Read More
Ruling on Building Decorations for Stores through Murabaha What`s the ruling on financing stores' decorations through Murabaha sale/transaction? • Read More
Ruling on Financing Customs Duty through Murabaha What is the ruling on financing customs duty, levied on imported products, through Murabaha as done by some Islamic banks which sell goods to customer through a Murabaha contract, then offer covering the due customs through Murabaha as well and for the same percentage of the first contract? • Read More
Ruling on Murabaha against Conducting Feasibility Studies Is it permissible for the financer to collect Murabaha(Resale with a stated profit) against conducting Feasibility studies? • Read More