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All Fatawaas

Ruling on Calling the Ruler of the State "Wali al-Amr"

Is it permissible to call the ruler of the state "Wali al-Amr" ?

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Ruling on Falsifying COVID Vaccination Certificate

 What is the ruling on falsifying a certificate serves as a proof of taking the vaccine against COVID

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Ruling on Celebrating Special Occasions

What is the ruling of Sharia on celebrating one`s birthday or wedding anniversary

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Ruling on Raising Funds to Cover Expenses of Condolence Period

We are members of a Jordanian clan, and we are accustomed to collecting four JDs from every male who has reached the age of fifteen. The collected sum is paid to a member upon the death of a relative. The aim is to help with the expenses related to the condolence period{3 days}. Is this permissible?

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: Muslims` Duty Towards Baitil-Maqdis

In light of the recent conspiracies and aggressions against Al-Masjid Al-Aqsa, what is the duty of the Muslims towards it?

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Dividing one`s Property among his Children in his Life

A man has divided his lands among his children. Does this require witnesses? Should this be recorded in written form? Is ownership transferred to the children on the spot, or after registration at the Lands Department? Is it the right of any of the children to relinquish his share after the death of the father?

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Ruling on Cosmetic Surgeries

What is the Islamic ruling on undergoing minor cosmetic surgery to decrease signs of aging?

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A non-Eligible Person isn`t Permitted to Run for Elections

What is the ruling when a candidate running for parliamentary elections offers a certain person the opportunity to join him in the same electoral roll without the latter bearing any financial burdens in addition to receiving a substantial amount of money from that candidate?

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Compliance with Traffic Laws is a Legal Obligation

What is the ruling on giving way to other drivers?

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It is Forbidden to Run a Red Light and Make a Wrong Pass

What is the ruling of Sharia on running a red light and making a wrong pass?

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What is the Ruling of Sharia on those who Join the Islamic State (IS), ?

What is the Ruling of Sharia on those who Join the Islamic State, (IS)?

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Ruling on Using Unoriginal Software

Is it permissible to use unoriginal software although the original is produced by international companies and could be bought directly from them via the internet ?

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It is Permissible to Work for International Humanitarian Organizations

Is it permissible for a Muslim to assume a position in an international institution, which is concerned with educating people who are interested in such field through lectures and other means. These lectures or symposiums focus on respecting the rights of vulnerable, unarmed individuals as well as not harming them in case of military conflicts; amongst these are: women, children, religious figures, medical personnel, prisoners and wounded people.

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Ruling on Working After Hours of Official Duty There is a public servant who is eager to work in a commercial business after official duty's hours. However, regulations don't permit that. Is he permitted to have another job? And what is the ruling on the earnings from that business? • Read More
Producing Rain through Artificial Means

What is the Islamic ruling on producing rain through artificial means; namely by increasing the density of ionic charges in clouds electrically or electronically?

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