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Taking a Commission in Return for Bringing Customers is Permissible with Conditions A friend of mine has asked me to do him a favor, so I contacted the company where I used to work. As a result, they offered him a preferential rate, and gave me 10% as a commission. What is the ruling on taking that commission? should I tell my friend about it or give him some of it? • Read More
An Agreement between a Company`s Staff Provident Fund and an Agency for Hajj and Umrah Services What is the ruling of Sharia on the agreement which a company`s staff provident fund concluded with an agency that provides Hajj and Umrah services. The agreement stipulates that the company`s fund receives a commission in exchange for every staff member it sends to seek the services of that agency, provided that the company settles all the costs(of Hajj or Umrah) on his behalf. In terms of Sharia, is it valid to classify this transaction as Ja`aalah(conditional payment)? • Read More
Ruling on Taking Commission against Bringing in Customers A tour guide steers tourists to a certain shop , but the owner of that shop raises the prices in order for the guide to take a commission in return; what is the ruling on the money which the guide takes ? • Read More
Ruling on Brokering As the owner of a real estate office, customers usually deputize me to sell their property and agree that I take whatever extra amount I manage to make in case I sold it for a higher price. This is of course in addition to the customary 2% commission that any real estate office normally collects. Is that extra amount, which the buyer isn`t aware of, permissible? • Read More