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Ruling on (Dinar) Initiative for Collecting Zakat and Sadaqat
What is the ruling of Sharia on collecting Zakat (Obligatory charity) and Sadaqat (Voluntary charities) in favor of the (Dinar) initiative to enable needy students to meet their educational requirements?
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How to Calculate Zakah on Trading Merchandise

I`m a tradesman and don`t know how to calculate the Zakah due on trading items. Hawl (Zakah year) has lapsed only over some of the goods; some have been damaged and I might return them to the owner. Sometimes, I pay for goods in advance and, sometimes, by installments. I also have money in my bank account, in addition to cash and uncashed checks. Also, people owe me money; some of which are repayable and some are unrepayable. I`m also indebted and have taxes and expenses to pay. I have vehicles, such as cars, trucks and the like, real estate; some are for trade and some aren`t, and some I rent to generate income. This is in addition to my own private money, car and house and other items not set for trade. My wife has also adornment gold, in addition to gold for saving. What is the ruling of Sharia on all of this?

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Ruling on Collecting Obligatory and Voluntary Charities to Support Students

What is the ruling of Sharia on collecting obligatory and voluntary charities in favor of what is called (Poor Female Student Fund) to help needy female students spend on their personal needs, and not their tuition?

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Combining two Prayers is a Concession if Conditions are Met

Which ruling comes first: Combining prayers during rain or offering each prayer at its prescribed time?

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Ruling on Following the Imam when Joining Prayers because of Rain

Should the Imam be followed when joining prayers because of rain or this isn`t allowed for the praying person who doesn`t meet the conditions and rules of this concession?

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Is Joining Prayers because of Rain from Sunnah?

Is joining prayers because of rain from Sunnah?

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Detailed Description of Salatul Awabeen

Could you clarify Salatul Awabeen in detail?

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Ruling on Wiping over Thin Socks

Is it permissible to wipe over thin socks while making Wudu` (Ablution)?

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If a Person Swears by Allah unto Someone to do Something, who is Liable for the Kaffara of Breaking that Oath?

If I have sworn by Allah unto someone to do or not to do a particular thing, am I liable for the Kaffara (Expiatory gift) of breaking an oath since many people think that this isn`t an obligation?

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Ruling on Moving the Remains of the Deceased to Family`s Cemetery
What is the ruling of Sharia on moving the remains of the deceased from a private cemetery to family`s cemetery, because his grave is hard to reach by his children and other relatives?
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Ruling on Invoking Allah through Sacrifices and Acts of Devotion with the Intention of Seeking Relief from Worry and Grief

What is the ruling of Sharia on slaughtering a sheep or a she-camel with the intention of seeking relief from worry and grief?

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Is Zakah Payable on the Kept Zakah Money?

After my father passed away, we found that he hadn`t paid the Zakah due on his wealth for several years. We calculated that Zakah and wanted to pay it to clear him from liability before Almighty Allah. However, because of certain conditions, we didn`t pay it and kept it in our possession for over two years and a half. Is Zakah liable on this kept 

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Ruling on Giving Continuous Charity to Charitable Organizations

What is the ruling of Sharia on receiving continuous charities and spending them on poor families? This takes the form of creating a small business, buying a fridge or a cooker, providing training, purchasing a car for sustaining work and the like. 

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Can Dua Change Destiny?

Can Dua change destiny in relation to matters like marriage, work, and the like?

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Ruling on Conducting Friday Sermon in Sign Language Allowing the Deaf and Mute Community to Take Part

I`m a sign language interpreter. I conduct the Friday sermon in sign language at King Abdullah I Mosque in Al-Abdali and broadcast it via social media enabling the deaf and mute community to follow the sermon on their cell phones while at different mosques of the kingdom. What is the ruling of Sharia on this?

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