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Keeping Property in an Unsuitable Place is an Act of Negligence My sister has transferred the Zakat of her money to my account in order for me to distribute it, on her behalf, among those entitled to it. Unfortunately, that sum was stolen from my car. Should I give that exact sum from my own money without telling my sister about what happened? • Read More
Ruling on the Zakah of Interests What is the ruling of Sharia on the Zakah of usurious money? • Read More
Ruling on Zakah of Debts What is the ruling on the Zakah of debts which aren't likely to be collected and those likely to be collected? What is the ruling on Zakah of merchandise comprising of foodstuffs and how is it calculated? Is Zakah due on personal belongings such as cars? • Read More
Is Zakah(obligatory charity) due on the Zakah money received by a poor person, and reached a Nissab( minimum amount liable for Zakah), and a whole lunar year had lapsed over having it in his possession? • Read More
Who should pay the Zakah(obligatory charity) from the orphan`s money? • Read More
Is Zakah due on the orphan`s money? • Read More
Is Zakah(obligatory charity) due on rented property, and how is it calculated? • Read More
Is Zakah(obligatory charity) due on owned land? • Read More
Is Zakah due on a woman`s saved gold? • Read More
Zakah isn`t due on Honey I have a number of apiaries that produce about one hundred kilos of honey per year. Is Zakah due on this produce? What is the Nisssab? And how should its Zakah be calculated? • Read More
Belongings Meant for Keeping aren`t Liable for Zakah My neighbor has two cars. He makes a living by one and he is keeping the other for his little boy until the latter grows up. His boy became a man but the car is still in safekeeping. Is Zakah due on it knowing that twenty-five years ago it was worth twenty millions; i.e. ten times the Nisaab of Zakah, but nowadays it is fifty millions; i.e. almost twice the Nisaab? • Read More
Heirs are Obliged to Pay Zakaah Due on the Deceased from the Estate Our father passed away a month ago, and he left several apartments that he had invested, but he didn`t use to pay the exact amount of Zakaah due on their revenue; rather, he paid a random sum during the year. What should we do before the division of the estate? Does he become absolved from liability in case we paid the Zakaah due on him? We have decided to give 5000 JDs in charity on his behalf; is it permissible for one of the heirs to take from this sum to pay off his own debt? • Read More