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Friday Bath is Likeable for anyone Coming for Friday Prayer Is it likeable for the woman who doesn`t come for Friday prayer to have the Friday bath(Friday Ghusl)? • Read More
Form of Seminal Discharge doesn`t Make Ghusl Obligatory Surgical removal of prostate causes a man to ejaculate directly in the bladder whenever he makes love. Is he obliged to perform Ghusl(Ritual bath) in this case and in case he had a wet dream as well, noting that he won`t see any trace of semen on his clothes or body? • Read More
What is the ruling on Friday Ghusl(ritual bath) ? • Read More
Is it a condition that a woman should untie her locks while making Ghusl(ritual bath) ? • Read More
Hardship in Repeating Ghusl due to Illness A patient of advanced stage cancer is having difficulty in repeatingGhusl(Ritual bath). What is the ruling on that? • Read More
How the Prophet(PBUH) Took the Ritual Bath(Ghusl) How did the Prophet (PBUH) take the bath of Janaba( major impurity)? • Read More
Ghusl is Obligatory whether the Discharged Amount of Semen was Big or Small If a man had a wet dream and the amount of semen that came out of him was as big as dirham, is he obliged to perform Ghusl(Ritual bath)? Some claim that, according to the Hanafi position, if the amount was less than a dirham, then Ghusl isn`t obligatory, is this true? • Read More
Didn`t Perform Ghusul after having Masturbated I couldn`t control my sexual drives, so I masturbated. When it was called for prayer, I made ablution and prayed. Is this permissible? • Read More
Ruling on Dying Hair while in a State of Ritual Impurity What is the Islamic ruling on dying one`s hair while ritually impure? Should I have a bath first to make sure that water reaches all of it(hair)? • Read More