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Ruling when a Woman Recites Quran in the Presence of Non-Mahram Men Is it permissible for a woman to recite Quran in a gathering attended by non-Mahram men? • Read More
Ruling on Quoting from the Noble Quran What is the ruling of Sharia on quoting from the Noble Quran and including its verses in people`s speech? • Read More
Ruling on Inscribing and Hanging Quranic Verses on Walls I wanted to hang a framed Quranic verse on a wall of a mosque; however, the people there objected to that under the pretext that the Quran has been sent down to be acted upon and not for decorative purposes; what is the ruling of Islamic Sharia on this issue? • Read More
Does Listening to Quran have the Same Reward of Reciting It Does reading the Quran directly from the Mus'haf have the same reward (ajr) as listening to an audio recording of Quran recitation? • Read More