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Ruling on Learning Maqaamaat and Using them in Reciting the Quran

What is the ruling of Sharia on learning the Maqaamaat (melodic tunes and sounds) and reciting the Quran according to them?

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Ruling on Printing the Deceased`s Name on Copies of the Quran

What is the ruling on printing the deceased`s name on copies of the Quran and asking people to pray for him/her ?

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Urging Speakers to Recite Verses of Quran Correctly and Ascertain Authenticity of Prophetic Traditions

What is the Islamic ruling on the person who quotes verses from the Noble Quran, but fails to recite them correctly?

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Is it Permissible to Recite the Chapters of the Glorious Quran in Reverse order

Is it permissible to intend reciting the whole Quran without complying with the order of its chapters? Read More

Ruling on Quoting Verses of Quran or Using them in Intertextuality

Is it permissible to use the same rhythm of Quran verses in writing or use the verses in intertextuality? Actually, intertextuality is an interconnection between selected literary texts-old or new, prose or poetry-with the original text of the poem in the sense that it is harmonious with the idea proposed by the poet and indicative of it.

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Is Reciting Quran with Tajweed Obligatory

Is reciting Quran with Tajweed (art of correct recitation of the Quran) obligatory or preferable from a Sharia view point?

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Ruling on Saying "Allah Speaks the Truth" after Reciting the Quran

What is the ruling on saying "Allah speaks the truth" after reciting the Quran since some people claim that it is an innovation (Bida`ah?

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