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Liability for Medical Errors When a medical error takes place and a patient dies as a result, is Diyah an obligation? • Read More
No Harm in Mummifying Animals for Scientific and Educational Purposes Is it permissible to mummify a rabbit for an educational purpose? And should that be refrained from during the sacred months? • Read More
Refraining from Procreation Contradicts the Objectives of Marriage Contract What is the ruling when the husband refrains from procreating because he doesn`t want to although his wife wants to have children, knowing that before getting married both spouses agreed not to have children for fear of some diseases? • Read More
Ruling on Practicing Medicine Using Someone Else`s Academic Degree I`m a dermatologist living abroad. A colleague of mine asked me to apply for a license for a medical center, which offers skin treatment and cosmetic laser surgery, in Jordan using my own occupational license in return for a certain amount of money. Being overseas, I can`t supervise this facility`s various activities, such as injecting with fillers, Botox and laser to remove hair and pigments, in addition to other procedures. Is this permissible knowing that these physicians are competent and well-trained? Will I be held accountable before Allah for any misconduct happening without my knowledge? • Read More
Ruling on Castrating Cats to Prevent Inevitable Mischief I would like to ask about the procedure followed in sterilizing and castrating cats. Actually, it is harmless and takes no more than ten minutes. As this is the breeding season, cats become ferocious and splash urine all over the house, causing a lot of harm. Moreover, raising cats is expensive and I can`t afford raising more than one. If I leave them as they are, they will increase in great numbers. What is the ruling on this procedure? • Read More
Conditions that Must be Met in Artificial Insemination A married woman couldn`t get naturally pregnant due to being old, and her husband objects to performing artificial insemination. While married to that man, she wanted to withdraw eggs from her ovaries, divorce him then marry another and use the latter`s sperms to fertilize those eggs. What drove her to do so is that she may not be able to withdraw eggs to be fertilized by the sperms of her new husband since she may not have any left due to the long time that the divorce and Iddah(waiting period observed by wife after divorce or death of husband) usually take for she is old and likely to experience menopause. Does doing so violate Sharia? • Read More
: Ruling on Donating Hair to Victims of Cancer Is it permissible to donate hair locks to victims of cancer? • Read More
Using Technology to Determine Intact Embryos in Test-Tube-Babies Is it permissible to use the technology that determines the unimpaired embryos in Test-Tube Babies in order to eschew the genetic disease called ” Alstrom Syndrome” which leads to having blind babies with advanced degrees of deafness, diabetes and sterility. • Read More
Initiating Measures that Lead to Abortion is Prohibited My wife conceived after seven months from delivery. During the first three months, she tried to abort the embryo, then abstained from doing so. Eight months later, she gave birth to a deformed baby that lived only 70 days. What am I required to do from the view point of Sharia? • Read More
When is it Permissible for a Woman to Undergo an Operation to Prevent Pregnancy? Is it permissible for a woman who suffers from high blood pressure to tie her tubes after the age of forty eight? • Read More
Is it true that if a ritually impure, or a menstruating woman visits one who is in confinement, harm will be inflicted on the latter, or her baby? • Read More
What is the ruling on determining the sex of the baby whether through killing the female spermatozoa, or any other way in order to have a male? • Read More
Is abortion permissible when the family isn`t ready to receive a new baby? • Read More
Ruling on Tubal Ligation This question was sent from the Committee of Medical Conduct at the Islamic Hospital, Amman. It is about tubal ligation in which a woman`s Fallopian tubes are surgically cut or blocked off to prevent pregnancy. In fact, this procedure prevents future pregnancies permanently. What is the ruling of Sharia on that? • Read More
What is Liable on Aborting a Four-Month Fetus Unlawfully? A four-month-pregnant woman underwent abortion without a lawful excuse. She did so because she didn`t want to have children at the time, and was given the green light by her husband. What is the ruling of Sharia on this? • Read More