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Subject : There is no Harm in Taking Unemployment Benefits

Fatwa Number : 3055

Date : 24-03-2015

Classified : Current Financial Issues

Fatwa Type : Search Fatawaa

Question :

What is the ruling on the unemployment benefits paid by the Social Security Corporation to its subscribers?

The Answer :

Praise be to Allah; and may His blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Mohammad.

The concept of social security rests on values of donation and kindness as an embodiment to the spirit of cooperation and support amongst Muslims. Almighty Allah said: “Help ye one another in righteousness and piety, but help ye not one another in sin and rancour: fear Allah. for Allah is strict in punishment. “{Al-Mai`da/2}.

Our Prophet(PBUH) said: “A believer to another believer is like a building whose different parts enforce each other.”{Bukhari&Muslim}.

As unemployment benefits embody the above attitude of kindness amongst members of the Muslim community through providing for the unemployed until they get employed, then it is permissible for them to receive these benefits since they go under the umbrella of social security in its current form, thus they take the same rulings. And Allah Knows best.



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