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Subject : Ruling on Prayer of One who didn`t Prostrate on Nose nor Bent the Ends of the Feet.

Fatwa Number : 291

Date : 16-08-2009

Classified : How to Pray

Fatwa Type : Search Fatawaa

Question :

What is the ruling on the prayer of one who didn`t prostrate on his nose nor bent the ends of his feet towards the Qiblah?

The Answer :

Third: One who prostates without bending the ends of his feet in the direction of Qiblah (Kaba in Makkah), his prostration is invalid according to the reliable opinion of our school of jurisprudence (Shafie). Al-Khateeb Al-Shirbini said, "When prostrating, the internal part of the toes should touch the ground since the external part doesn`t avail nor does the edge."{Moghni Al-Mohtaj, V.1/P.372}. However, this prostration is valid according to another opinion of the Shafie School, and it is the opinion of the majority of the Hanafie, Maliki and Hanabli jurists: The Hanafies considered directing the toes towards the Qiblah during prostration as an act of Sunnah, not as an obligation. Kindly refer to {Badai` Al-Sanaei`, V.1/P.210}. The Malikies stipulate prostrating only on part of the forehead in order for the prostration to be valid. Kindly refer to {Mawahib Al-Jaleel, V.1/P.520}. For the view of the Hanabalies, kindly refer to {Khash-Shaf Al-Khina`, V.1/P.352].

We, Iftaa` Department, are of the view that the prostration of the one-who didn`t direct the tip of his toes towards the Qibla and prostrated on their edge-is valid. However, he didn`t meet the perfect form of Sunnah mentioned above. And Allah knows best.



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