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Date Added : 21-12-2015

Resolution No.(219)(9/2015) by the Board of Iftaa`, Research and Islamic Studies: "Ruling on Sabi committed by (I.S

Date: 24/Zolhijjah/1436 AH, corresponding to 8/10/2015.


On the above given date, the Board reviewed the question sent by Dr. Abdullah Al-Kurdi, Chairman of the Association of Muslim Scholars in Kurdistan-Iraq, and it reads as follows:
Your Grace is quite acquainted with the atrocities committed by the Islamic State(I.S) in the name of Islam, and one of these is Sabi(War prisoners, children and women only) where Christian and Yazidi girls and women are sold for a very low price, a handful of Dirhams, in public. This criminal act had negative repercussions on the Kurdish community.
As your Grace is a highly respected figure in the Muslim World, we deem necessary that you issue a Fatwa condemning Sabi and forbidding it so as for the Muslim World to become fully aware of the atrocities inflicted upon these victims in the name of Islam.
Islam hasn`t brought Sabi and slavery; rather, this social phenomenon was  widespread in early nations for centuries. When Islam was manifested, it had to deal with a harsh reality, so it delivered rules and regulations to eradicate this phenomena on gradual basis, as is the wisdom of Islam in many of its legislations. Therefore, it provided useful and decisive solutions to end this problem from its very source.
As a result, Islamic Sharia has narrowed down the sources of slavery, forbade any act of aggression against free people, made freeing slaves one of the Zakah disbursement channels and among the righteous deeds by which  a Muslim pleases Allah and gets his sins erased from his record on the Day of Resurrection. Allah, The Exalted, says(what means), "But he hath made no haste on the path that is steep. And what will explain to thee the path that is steep?- (It is:) freeing the bondman;"{Al-Balad(11-13)}. Islamic Sharia has also enabled slaves to free themselves through the system of "Mokatabah" i.e. concluding a contract of manumission. This is in addition to many other meticulous and wise legislations by which Islam was able to counter this phenomenon and bring it to a gradual end.
In conclusion, the criminal acts committed by this terrorist organization; namely, Sabi, enslavement and human trafficking, are impermissible and totally contradict the objectives and the provisions of Islamic Sharia; especially, since nations have agreed on abolishing this phenomenon and standing up to its various forms. Islam hasn`t brought slavery and Sabi; rather, it has brought manumission and freedom since absolute slavery is dedicated to Allah alone, as indicated by the famous saying of the Caliphate Umar Bin Al-Khattab(May Allah be pleased with him), "Since when did you enslave the people though they were born free." And Allah knows best.



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