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Fatawaa - Search Sections - Forbidden marriages

Ruling on Daughter Residing with her Mother and Step-Father

What is the ruling of Sharia when step-daughter, born of wife with whom marriage has been consummated, resides with her real mother and step-father?

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Evidence Prohibiting a Muslim Woman from Marrying a Non-Muslim

Is it prohibited for a Muslim woman to marry a non-Muslim according to scholarly consensus, and what is the evidence on that?

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: Wife`s Sister is a Non-Mahram to her Sister`s Husband

Is the sister of a man`s fiancé (Contract is concluded, but marriage isn`t consummated) considered a Mahram to him?

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Ruling on Marrying for Tahleel

What is the ruling on marrying for Tahleel?

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Ruling on Staying at her Sister`s Husband`s House

Is it permissible for a woman to stay permanently at her sister`s husband`s house, given that he is seventy three years old and his wife is forty five?

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Is the father a Mahram(Non-marriageable) to his son`s mother-in-law? • Read More
Is it permissible for someone to make a supplication to Allah to marry an already married, or an engaged woman? • Read More
Is my Wife`s Stepmother a Mahram of mine?

Is my wife`s stepmother forbidden for me in marriage forever?

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The Word "Uncle" Includes Father`s Uncle and Mother`s Uncle

Is it permissible for a father to give his daughter away (Marriage) to his uncle (Maternal)?

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It is Prohibited to Marry a Woman and her Paternal Aunt or Maternal Aunt at the Same Time

Is it permissible to join together in marriage a woman and her paternal aunt or maternal aunt, and what is the evidence on this?

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Husband isn`t a Mahram to Sister-in-Law Is the husband a Mahram to his sisters-in-law? • Read More
She Found out that her Fiancé was Breast-Fed by her Grandmother

My maternal aunt`s son and I are planning to get married. However, I found out that he was breast-fed by my grandmother for one time, but it wasn`t filling, as she pointed out, because she was in her late forties when she gave birth to my aunt, so she didn`t have enough milk. What is the Islamic ruling on this?

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