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Muslim’s Attitude in Times of Affliction and Islamic Creed`s Role in His Steadfastness

What attitude should a Muslim take in times of affliction? Do acts of devotion, supplications and Islamic creed help overcome crisis? And what is Allah`s wisdom behind creating diseases and illnesses?

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An Answer to the Question, "Where is Allah?"

When my child asks me where is Allah, what answer should I give?

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Interpretation of the Statement: "Allah is Separated from His Creations"

What is the interpretation of the statement "Allah is separated from His creations" which is stated in the books about Islamic doctrine?

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Understanding Texts Giving the Impression that Allah Resembles His Creation Words such as the Hand of Allah, established on the Throne, Allah (also) plotteth, Allah(Himself) doth mock them…etcetera were stated in the Noble Quran and the Prophetic Sunnah. Some people could be under the impression that they don`t befit Allah, the Almighty. Therefore, how should we deal with such words? ? Read More
"Tajseem" is Void and Prohibited to Follow

I`m confused because some people argue that Tajseem {Anthropomorphism} is valid and that it is obligatory to affirm that Allah has body parts through the apparent meanings of many verses and Hadiths. They even claim that this is the view of the Salaf (Righteous predecessors/ancestors) and the prominent scholars. Others say that it is a false claim and an innovation and that the Salaf has never spoken of it. Rather, some people of incomplete faith have spoken of it. Therefore, what is the accurate meaning for "Tajseem"? Is it acceptable in Islam? Kindly clarify in the simplest of ways.

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Not Attributing Time and Place to Allah is Part of Honoring Him

How authentic is the narration which is a ttributed to Abu Baker, may Allah be pleased with him, and reads as follows: "Amma ba'du, whoever amongst you worshipped Muhammad, then Muhammad is dead, but whoever worshipped Allah Who is in Heaven, Allah is alive and will never die. "Supposing it was authentic, how should we understand the phrase" Who is in Heaven"?

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The Muslim`s Creed of Islam

Some books on Aqeeda(Islamic creed), which I have read, state that a responsible Muslim, male or female, must know what must exist in Allah, what is impossible about Him and what is permissible for Him. Is this correct from the perspective of Sharia?

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Are Good and Evil Allah`s Creation?

Is it correct to attribute evil that befalls a person to Allah The Almighty?

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Calling Allah by Attributes other than What He Mentioned or What the Consensus of Muslim Scholars Stated is impermissible

What is the ruling on attributing a name to Allah, The Great and The Almighty? And is it permissible call Allah, The Exalted by a Syriac name?

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Using the Term "Adore" to Describe Love for Allah the Almighty

Is it permissible for a person to say, "I adore Allah"?

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Why Supplicate with Persistence while everything is Decreed?

Why is it imperative that we make supplication with persistence while everything is decreed by Allah, The Exalted?

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