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Fatawaa - Search Sections - Transactions & Marketing

Islamic Ruling on a Supplier's Agreement with Several Individuals to Sell his Merchandise

A medical book is sold in the market through a distributor. I contacted the manufacturing company, and they said, "There is no exclusive distributor for the book, and you can buy and sell it as you wish." Is it permissible for me to sell the book? Does this fall under the  meaning of the Hadith which states: "One of you must not sell (his own goods) when his brother has already sold (his goods)", or is it considered legitimate competition?

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Islamic Ruling on Purchasing Fruits before their Ripening with the Intention of Obtaining their Leaves

Some people purchase grapes before their ripening, or, sometimes, before their formation, with the aim of obtaining their leaves. Is such transaction permissible?

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Islamic Ruling on Selling a Commodity below Market Price

We are a sales company, and we can cause substantial loss to competitors by lowering our prices for two months and eventually forcing them to exit the market. Given this fact, is it permissible for us to outcompete our rivals by reducing our prices or not?

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What to do with School Cafeteria Surplus Food Products

Sometimes, school cafeterias have a surplus of unsold food products. Is it permissible to sell it at a low price or distribute amongst the students, even randomly; particularly since it is subject to rapid deterioration? 

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Ruling on Purchasing Fruit under the Condition that the Pulp is Good

Is it permissible to purchase a watermelon under the condition of cutting it open to make sure that the pulp is good?

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Some Forbidden Forms Conducted with Portfolios

I have a portfolio in which I keep my money balance, however, I sometimes need cash so I transfer (100 JDs), for example, to a person`s account and he hands me (97 JDs) in cash. Is this permissible?

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A Merchandiser is Recommended to Reduce his Amount of Profit

I work in cellphones trade by installments and cash sale. Is there any specific percentage determined by Sharia? And am I permitted to have 100% as a profit?

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Islamic Ruling on Financial Leasing Offered by Cities & Villages Development Bank
What is the ruling of Sharia on financial leasing contract (movable property) offered by Cities & Villages Development Bank; see attached copy?
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Poultry Farmers Follow a Certain Customary Practice when Calculating Poultry Weights

In accordance with the normally accepted commercial practice, there are two types of plastic live chicken transport boxes: (7 kg) and (8kg). Recently, two new boxes have been imported into the market and they weigh (6kg) and (7,200kg). However, traders deal with the latter boxes as the former. This caused loss to poultry farmers and breeders, in addition to fraud (tampering with the weighing scales), which is forbidden in Sharia. Because of this disparity, the marketer managed to make a great deal of profit. What is the ruling of Sharia on this knowing that the farmers take out one kilo from the weight of every basket against chicken runoff?

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Sale Contract whereby Seller Takes the Non-Refundable Deposit

What is the ruling on the sale contract of a plot of land in which it is stipulated that the seller take the non-refundable deposit?

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Ruling on Buying a House Mortgaged to a Non-Islamic Bank

What is the Islamic ruling on buying a house, which is mortgaged to a non-Islamic bank, through Ijarah Muntahia Bittamleek(Lease to own) where an Islamic bank issues a cheque with the value of that mortgage to the non-Islamic bank, then issues another with the rest of the house`s value to the owner. Later on, all parties will meet at the Lands Department to carry on with the needed procedures?

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It is Forbidden to Conceal the Defect of a Commodity

What is the Islamic ruling on some traders who resort to cheating by placing non-defective fruits and vegetables on the top of a box while hiding defective ones underneath?

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Sale with option to Repurchase is Invalid

A man owns a plot of land that is worth (25000JDs) and wants to keep it. However, he is in dire need for (5000), so he reached an agreement with someone whereby he sells it to the latter for (5000) under the condition that he repurchases it from him later on for (7000JDs). However, that person stipulated that it must be repurchased within six months or else he won`t be obliged to offer it for sale nor sell it for the agreed price. Is this form of sale permissible?

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Ruling on Raising and Selling Dogs

Could you clarify the religious ruling on raising dogs and selling them?

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Ruling on Selling Gold Items with Eye-Shaped Blue Bead

What is the Islamic ruling on selling gold items that contain the eye-shaped blue bead?

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