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Statement on Prohibiting the Violation of Honor

Author : General Ifta’ Department

Date Added : 05-03-2014

Praise be to Allah, Peace and Blessings be upon the Seal of His messengers, Prophet Mohammad and upon his Family and companions  .Allah ,The Exalted,  said: “Say: 'My Lord forbids only indecencies, such of them as are apparent and such as are hidden, and sin, and wrongful insolence, and that you associate with God that for which He never revealed any warrant, and that you say concerning God that which you do not know'. {Al-A`raf/33}.

The Islamic Shari`ah, which was conveyed to the Master of all human beings,  Prophet Muhammad(PBUH),organizes societies and civilizations, spreads mercy and love among people, and fights all sorts of aggression for all such acts are not related to Islam.

 Amongst the  main objectives  (Maqasid)of Islamic Sharia  are: protecting  honor and lineage as well as establishing the family on  sound bases  that are in line with Sharia rules  which have made marriage a sacred bond and a binding covenant for establishing  the family  and protecting  it from offence  and corruption.

It is a major sin in Islam not to treat Muslims` honor and property as sacred ;therefore,  penalties have been laid down  as a consequence  both in the life of this world  and the Hereafter .Any violation in this regard is unjust  to society and self for Allah does not love those who are unjust .

It has plagued Muslims today that some of those who wear clothing of scholars have emerged and taken advantage of some of the modern means of communication to publicize some suspicious calls involving the manipulation  of religious texts, and taking them out of their context to serve certain ends that are not in the best interest of the Muslim nation(Ummah).These calls  distort  the  beautiful image of Islam and its noble purposes as well as spread disagreement among Muslims.

A reflection of the above is the  unlawful calls which propagate  the establishment of families  without relying on legitimate   marriage contracts that are in tune with Sharia rulings.This is despite the fact that family affairs have been explained in Islamic Sharia with the minutest details.

The General Iftaa` Department  warns against invalid opinions that take the form of Fatawa, but ,actually, neither  represent legal Fatawa nor religiously acceptable opinions .This is because they are not based on sound evidence, not  delivered by qualified scholars and  include evident erroneous rulings which contradict the objectives of Shari`ah.

May Allah keep this country safe and secure  along with  the rest of the Muslim countries, and all praise be to Allah, The Lord of the Worlds.

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