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All Fatawaas

Sexual Relations from an Islamic Perspective

I have reviewed some studies calling for granting rights to homosexuals in Muslim societies and changing some laws that prohibit abortion as well as sexual relations outside marriage under different names, such as sex education and reproductive health. I have also noticed the use of certain terms, such as "intimate partner" instead of husband and "sexual intercourse outside marriage." What is the ruling of Sharia on this?

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Lying to Escape Punishment is Prohibited

What is the ruling when a sportsman lies to his coach in order to escape punishment?

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Spreading Rumors via Social Media or else is Forbidden

What is the ruling on spreading rumors via social media?

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Ruling on Marrying a Disabled Woman

Is there an Islamic reason that prevents marrying a disabled woman? And is she allowed to fulfill her sexual desire through masturbation?

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The Patronage of Husband's Family is a Reason of Being Rewarded by Allah, The Exalted

I patronize my husband's parents although his brothers and sisters don't offer any help for them; Yet, they keep accusing me of being the reason of any dispute with their father. What should I do in this regard?

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Afflicted with Unchaste Wife

I have found out that my wife was having an affair, do you recommend that I divorce her?

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Ruling on Banning Wife from Visiting her Sister

Is it permissible for a husband to ban his wife from going to her sister`s house or vice versa, in case that affects their marital life and causes problems with his brother-in-law?

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Dealing with Diviners

For passing time, my friends and I have called a famous diviner. She told me that somebody had cast a spill on me not to get married for the rest of my life. I didn`t believe her, but I can`t forget her words. How can I protect myself from such thing?

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His Parents are against his Marriage

Is it permissible for me to go on with the marriage procedures from a girl that my parents engaged for me with my approval, but without concluding the marriage contract, where we have just recited Surat Al-Fatehah. However, my father broke the engagement without telling me because I received this news from her family. Although ten months have passed over this, I still insist on marrying her. Will I be considered sinful if I did so knowing that there was no sound reason for breaking the engagement and banning the marriage? Do my parents have the right, from the perspective of Islamic Law, to be angry with me if I married her?

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The best of you is the best to his Family

What is the Islamic ruling on the one who abuses his children, wife, and daughters in law, and sometimes beats his daughters, swears, and even questions their morals?

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Father Forcing Daughter to Marry his Brother`s Son

My husband wants to force our daughter to marry his brother`s son although she refuses that and he is fourteen years older than her. Is it my right to take her to my family`s residence without his permission? Moreover, she is praying that Allah helps her out of this dilemma, why doesn`t He answer her prayers?

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Discovered that his Wife is having an Online Affair

I discovered that my wife is having an online affair. Is she unfaithful? Am I being unfair if I decided to divorce her? What is the ruling of Sharia on the deferred portion of the dowry and other conjugal rights?

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His Father Rejects his Choice of Spouse

I asked a woman to marry me, but my father threatened to divorce my mother if I married that woman. He told me to choose any other woman although this one is religious and wears a veil. Could you help me because I don`t want to lose either?

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Turning down a Suitor because he isn`t Educated

I`m twenty three, and a young man has proposed to me several times, but my family turned him down every time under the pretext that he isn`t educated whereas I hold a university degree. However, he is a good Muslim, has a noble character, owns a private business, and is well-off. Should I force my family to give the green light to this marriage? What is the opinion of Islam in this problem which has become a phenomenon where appearances, unfortunately, is what counts nowadays?

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Delayed Marriage Could be a Test

What is the wisdom behind delayed marriage and could it be a test?

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