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Ruling on Moving the Child in Custody to other than his/her Original Place of Residence

Is it allowed for a custodial mother to stipulate purchasing a house for her minor children away from their original place of residence, their paternal grandfather (Guardian) and their clan?

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Ruling on Benefitting from the Wealth of the Child under one`s Custody

My sister separated from her husband and took custody of her three children. As a result, she receives a salary for her and them. At present, she and her children are living with us, so she sometimes buys things to help with the household expenses. Is it permissible to eat from the food that was paid for from the children`s salary?

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Some Rulings of Nursery

I have divorced my wife ,who is a Canadian national, an Arab by birth and a Muslim by faith- and since an Islamic court gave her the right to custody and gave me the right to visitation and overnight stay, she took that verdict and presented it to the Canadian embassy to prove her right to custody. This results in many rights in light of the Canadian Law since it doesn`t recognize the father`s right to guardianship over his children. Could you clarify the rights and obligations of the person who has the right to custody and guardianship?

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Mother's loss of Custody doesn't Nullify her Child's Right to Receive Support

Is child support nullified by the mother`s loss of her right in custody?

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Ruling on Child's Travel without Father's Permission

What is the legal ruling when a woman, who is entitled to a child`s custody, travels with that child without the consent of his/her father ?

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Is Fostering Woman Allowed to Ban Child from Maintaining Ties with Father?

What is the ruling when the woman taking custody of a child bans him from maintaining ties with his father?

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What is the Islamic ruling on adoption, and what is the legal window through which a person can be kind to an orphan girl, attend to her needs and raise her as his own? Read More

Is it incumbent on a family to provide for its old handicapped son and take care of him? Read More

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Ruling on Custody of the Disabled Child

My wife gave birth to a baby boy with Down Syndrome. She refuses to breastfeed, take custody of, and wants to abandon him. She told me to send him to foster care or give him to a family that doesn`t mind raising such a child. She says that she isn`t obligated by Sharia Law to take custody of a disabled child and that this, according to her, is a right of hers. We decided to go to a court of Sharia to settle this dispute. It is worth mentioning that we are a happily married couple. In light of this, is it valid for a woman to abandon her disabled child?

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The Mother Has Preferential Right to Custody of her Child

What is the ruling on custody of young children from the perspective of Sharia Law, not man-made laws?

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Reconciling over Child Custody

My daughter lives in the US with her mother, my ex-wife, who hasn`t got married yet. In case she got married, who has the right to take custody of the daughter, particularly since the new husband doesn`t mind that she stays with her mother? In addition, my ex-wife even offered to take full custody of our daughter in return for delaying claiming child support for one year. It is worth mentioning that when she asked for Khulu` (The wife obtaining divorce by relinquishing the divorcee rights), and I agreed, her father told me that I`m not required to spend on the daughter until I have completed my PhD. What is the ruling of Sharia on this arrangement?

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