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Poverty doesn`t Absolve Husband from Paying Deferred Mahr Does poverty absolve husband from paying the deferred portion of Mahr(Bridal money) in case he divorced his wife? • Read More
Some Rulings on Divorce Resulting from Dissension between Spouses What are the rights of a woman as far as the advanced and deferred portions of her dowry are concerned, in case she filed for divorce due to dissension between her and her husband? What is intended by "Dissension between spouses"? • Read More
Divorce Takes Place when Uttered by Husband Does divorce take place from the date of the divorce, or from the date of registering it at the court? • Read More
Is it permissible for a wife`s family to demand her husband to divorce her although she doesn`t want that? • Read More
Is a wife considered sinful if she asked for divorce because her husband married another woman? • Read More
Is a wife considered divorced if her husband refused to go to bed with her(for sexual intercourse) for two months? • Read More
Ruling when a Man is uncertain that he has Divorced His Wife What is the ruling of Sharia when a person is uncertain whether he has divorced his wife or not? • Read More