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Taking Back Money Given to a Rich Beggar I have given some money to a beggar, but I found out that she was rich. Therefore, my daughter tricked her and managed to take that money back. What is the Islamic ruling on what my daughter has done? • Read More
Ruling on Paying Zakah to Cover Marriage and Wedding Expenses of the Poor What is the ruling on paying Zakah funds, collected by a charity, to get those who meet the conditions of poverty and destitution married where a collective wedding will be held for twenty to thirty persons with a cost of one hundred and twenty to one hundred and fifty thousand JDs? • Read More
Ruling on Zakat of Amounts Retained in Letters of Credit I purchase commodities from abroad via an Islamic bank where I deposit a certain amount of money in the trust account. However, one full lunar year has elapsed over that amount and, still, the commodities haven`t arrived yet. How should I calculate the Zakat of that amount? • Read More
Zakat on Wealth Earned from Salam Contract I`m a business agent for some international companies. Customers come and pay, in advance, the price of commodities to be delivered later from the mother company. One full lunar year elapses over the earned amounts. How should I calculate their Zakah? • Read More
Ruling on Zakat of Goods Purchased under Istisna` Contract I have purchased goods, for resale, under an Istisna` contract. Although I have paid part of the price and one full lunar year has elapsed, the goods are still being manufactured abroad. How should I calculate the Zakat of the goods and the sum that I have paid? • Read More
Delegating a Charitable Organization to Deliver Zakah to the Poor and Needy As a charitable organization, we help autistic children develop their skills and integrate into society. What is the ruling of Sharia on giving Zakah to this organization to serve this noble purpose? • Read More
Pledging Money as Collateral doesn`t Discontinue the Hawl of Zakah On Sept. 9th, 2015, ten thousand JDs were paid to Income and Sales Tax Department as an insurance against the issuance of an importer`s card. Three years later, that money was given back. Is Zakah due on it? • Read More
Ruling on Zakah of Dairy Cows What is the ruling on the Zakah of dairy cows, knowing that they are fodder-fed and don`t depend-for sustenance-on pasturing from grass and plants? Is zakah due on them if they were put up for sale? Is Zakah due on the produced milk? • Read More
: Ruling on Building an Orphanage from Zakat Funds What is the ruling of Sharia on building an orphanage from the Zakat funds collected by a certain charitable organization, knowing that all the beneficiaries are poor orphans who live there for a certain time, then leave giving a chance for other orphans to dwell there. In fact, the orphanage is owned by this organization although it hasn`t covered the cost of its construction. In case it was decided that the orphanage should be sold or demolished, its value is Zakatmoney, which goes to the eligible recipients of Zakat or the poor orphans? • Read More
Zakah on Property of Investment Organizations We are a cooperative organizationthat was established through contributions made by its members(Shareholders) where each paid a thousand JDs; either one time or by installments. The money is investedthrough purchasing different commodities and selling them, by installments, to shareholders or others. This is in addition to the establishment of different micro projects. Is Zakah due on the organization`s property? If yes, what is the amount? Moreover, it is worth pointing out that a shareholder has the right to withdraw his share in the capital and the profits, but he has to notify the organization in advance. • Read More
Giving Zakah on Trade Commodities in Kind or in Cash is Permissible What is the ruling on giving the Zakah of perfumes as perfumes, and how should their value be assessed? And is it permissible to consult an expert to that end? • Read More
Encouraging People to Donate and Take Charitable Initiatives We are launching a charitable initiative where customers of shops leave some money to help the poor buy whatever goods they need. What is the ruling of Sharia on this initiative? • Read More
Paying Zakah in the Form of Benefits Somebody wants to pay the Zakah of his wealth in the form of benefits targeting eligible recipients. For example, doctor examining poor patients free, teacher giving lessons to the poor free or owner of apartments providing lodging for the poor free. Does it avail a person to pay Zakah of his wealth in such form? • Read More
Ruling on Paying off a Deceased Person`s Debt from Zakat If someone dies while in debt and his heirs fell short of the money required to pay it off, is it permissible that I give a portion of the Zakat due on my wealth to pay off part of that debt? • Read More
Ruling on Paying for Children`s Education from Zakah Funds My son is a student in high school, and I`m saving money for his university education. However, he desires to learn the ten ways for reciting the Quran via the internet. Is it permissible to pay the Sheikh, who will teach that, from the Zakah(Obligatory charity) of my wealth? • Read More