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All Fatawaas

Refuting the Narrations Attributed to some of the Prophet`s Companions on Punishing Apostates with Fire

Is it true that the obnoxious crimes of ISIS(killing, burning, and torturing) are supported by Sharia evidences based on acts committed by the companions of the Prophet, or is it a lie attributed to them?

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Status of Intellectual Sciences in Islamic Civilization

Did the Islamic civilization have its own intellectual sciences? and what is the Islamic ruling on learning theology, philosophy, and the ten building blocks of all sciences, in addition to sciences originating from other civilizations?

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Ruling on Figuratively Attributing Events to Time

What is the ruling on figuratively attributing events to time?

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Ruling on Tutoring Students outside of School

Is it permissible for a teacher to tutor students (Private lessons) from another school and after school time?

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Certificate in Islamic Knowledge

What do you think of obtaining a certificate in Islamic Knowledge? Would you bestow such certificate upon me as a blessing; knowing that I`m a student of Sharia Knowledge and have obtained certificates from a dozen scholars?

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