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Ruling on Offering Congratulations for the Beginning of Ramadan What is the ruling on offering congratulations for the beginning of Ramadan and what is the ruling on using the wording "Ramadan Kareem"? • Read More
It`s Desirable to Ask Allah to be Pleased with all the Companions without Exception What is the ruling on not saying Radi Allahu Anhu(May Allah be pleased with him) for a certain Sahabi(Companion) without intending to impeach or belittle him? • Read More
Defending Al-Aqsa and Supporting Palestinians is the Duty of all Muslims What is the ruling on supporting Al-Aqsa guards and employees, and how should that be done? • Read More
Committing Sin Again and Again doesn`t Prevent Acceptance of Repentance What are the conditions of repenting to Allah and does committing the same sin over and over again prevent the acceptance of one`s repentance? • Read More
Ruling on Gift-Giving on Mother`s Day Could you clarify the ruling of Sharia on the so called "Mother`s Day"? • Read More
Permissibility of Feeding and Reciting Madih Lyrics at the Mosque in Celebration of the Prophet`s Birthday How should we celebrate the Prophet`s birthday? Is it permissible to name it {Mawlid Eid} i.e. birthday festival? What is the ruling on singing Madih lyrics and serving food and sweets? Is it permissible to hold this celebration at the mosque? • Read More
Dedicating the Reward of a Good Deed to the Dead is Permissible What is the ruling on dedicating the reward of a good deed to the dead, such as giving the clothes of dead children to charity, and does that benefit them? • Read More
The Difference between Obeying Parents and Honoring them What is the difference between obeying one`s parents and honoring them, and should I obey my parents in whatever they order me to do; especially, when they refuse an eligible suitor? • Read More
It is Preferable for the Transgressed to Forgive and Overlook What is the ruling when the transgressed doesn`t forgive his transgressor? • Read More
Keeping Parents at a Nursing Home is being Undutiful to them What is the ruling of Islamic Sharia on the person who keeps his parents or one of them at a nursing home, whether he is well-off or insolvent, and what is the ruling on the sons and daughters who don`t fulfill their duty as regards taking care of their parents and honoring them at old age? • Read More
Ruling on Offering Acts of Worship on the Night of the Middle of Sha'baan What`s the ruling on offering acts of worship on the night of the middle of Sha`baan? • Read More
Islamic Sharia Calls for Moderation in Self-Confidence Are self-satisfaction, self-confidence and ambition in contradiction with Islamic Sharia? • Read More
Who are the blood-relatives with whom kinship ties should be maintained? • Read More
Is it permissible for a person to sever ties with his sister because her husband had quit prayer and done him harm? • Read More
How should I be kind to my atheist father? • Read More