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Is a Wife Permitted to Back out of her Acceptance to Live with her Mother-in-Law?

When I was first engaged, my fiancé stipulated that I should share the same house with his mother, not because he couldn`t afford one, but because he wanted to be dutiful to her. I agreed to his condition, and we got married, and I gave birth to a boy. Actually, my husband is a God-fearing person, and he treats me kindly. However, his first wife, who is divorced and has two boys from him, wants to return to him, and he agreed to that, and so did I. Nonetheless, when I told him that I wanted to live in a separate house just like her, he said that the two marriage contracts are separate: the one that he had concluded with me was under the condition that I should live with his mother in the same house, but this wasn`t stipulated in her (first wife) marriage contract. Moreover, his first wife and I have stipulated that he can`t make us live under the same roof. In fact, before her divorce, she had lived in a separate house for eight years. Do I have the right to live in a house of my own without his mother, or should I give in to his request?

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