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The Financial Support of Poor Parents is Obligatory upon their Children

What is the Sharia ruling on a mother asking her son for money and becoming upset if he doesn't provide it, considering that he is married, has rent to pay, car installments, and barely has anything left from his salary?

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Maintenance of Parents is Divided among Sons and Daughters

My mother in law is a widow and receives a pension. My wife used to repay a loan for her at a rate of 100 dinars per month. Before getting married, my mother in law relied on her daughter's salary, but after my wife got married, she stopped providing financial assistance to her and only continued repaying the loan. In response, my mother in law has prohibited all her children from visiting or talking to their sister. She refuses reconciliation unless my wife (her daughter) pays the amount she used to provide. It's worth noting that my wife has her own loan. Is my wife considered disobedient to her mother, or is she committing a sin by reducing the financial assistance?

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Islamic Ruling on the Son`s Disposal of the Amount in Excess of the University Fees

I study at the university and my father pays for my tuition fees. However, in one semester, I reduced the number of the credit hours, and this resulted in an increase in the paid amount. Can I dispose of the remaining amount without consulting my father?

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Ruling on Moving the Child in Custody to other than his/her Original Place of Residence

Is it allowed for a custodial mother to stipulate purchasing a house for her minor children away from their original place of residence, their paternal grandfather (Guardian) and their clan?

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Ruling when Woman Observing Iddah Travels for a Necessity

What is the ruling of Sharia when the woman observing Iddah, after divorce or death of husband, travels for a necessity?

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Husband-Wife Relationship during Iddah

What is the relationship between husband and wife during Iddah (Waiting period undergone by a woman after a divorce or death of her husband) taking into consideration that the Iddah was over and the husband didn`t take her back, so the divorced changed from Raj`i into Ba`in Bainonah Soghra?

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Ruling on Benefitting from the Wealth of the Child under one`s Custody

My sister separated from her husband and took custody of her three children. As a result, she receives a salary for her and them. At present, she and her children are living with us, so she sometimes buys things to help with the household expenses. Is it permissible to eat from the food that was paid for from the children`s salary?

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Ruling on Daughter Residing with her Mother and Step-Father

What is the ruling of Sharia when step-daughter, born of wife with whom marriage has been consummated, resides with her real mother and step-father?

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The Reward of Breadwinning Mother for Spending on her Family

Is the breadwinning mother-divorced, widowed, or married but not supported by husband-rewarded for spending on her family?

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The Rights of the Wife Take Precedence over Performing Supererogatory Acts of Worship

Am I permitted as a wife to hold off my husband from fasting every Monday and Wednesday of each week, because this effects my life in general and the marital life in particular?

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What is Obligatory upon Husband towards Wife in Terms of Housing

I married my second wife a year ago, however, she insists that I register the apartment where she lives in her name and tries to force me to do so by starting trouble and staying at her parents`. She does so because she thinks that this is her right according to the rules of Sharia. Is this really her right taking into consideration the fact that I have a first wife and five children and don`t want to be unjust to any of my heirs?

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The Restrictions of Suitors' Relationship

What are the permissible matters during engagement and within the boundaries of Muslim families' customs and habits earlier than the conclusion of marriage contract at the court? 

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Ruling on Wealth Given by Child to Father and Ruling on Claiming it

What is the ruling of Sharia on the wealth a child gives to his/her father, claiming it while the latter is alive or dead, and the wealth that one of the spouses gives to the other?

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The House where a Widow is Required to Observe her Iddah

A husband and his wife left to Turkey for temporary residence. They stayed in a rented flat. Unfortunately, the husband passed away. If the wife returned home to her children and husband`s house, does this violate the rules of Sharia concerning her Iddah?

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Ruling on Seeking Separation on Grounds of Spouse having an Infectious Disease

I have been married for one year and Allah has blessed me with a baby. However, my husband has contracted a rare virus that can`t be cured and remains in the body for life. This virus is extremely infectious and contracted through bodily fluids: saliva, blood, sperm and even through drinking from the same glass. What is the ruling of Sharia on my seeking separation on this ground?

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