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Ruling on Naming a Child "Al-Ahad" Is "Al-Ahad" a name that only belongs to Allah the Almighty? And what is the ruling on naming a child with this name according to the Shafie school of thought? • Read More
Correcting Mistake in DNA and Rulings Caused by it What is the ruling of Sharia if a mistake was made in DNA, or when incorrect data were provided and led to issuing a court order proving lineage, but later on the court discovered otherwise ? • Read More
Guardian has Right to Name Newborn Who has the right to choose a name for a newborn? • Read More
Ruling on Choosing a non-Arabic Name for a Child Does Islam forbid choosing non-Arabic names for children? • Read More
Is it permissible for me to name my newborn baby boy “Al-Moustafa” ? • Read More
What does the name ”Mai`es” mean? • Read More
Is it permissible for me to name my first son “Kassim” ? • Read More
Has Islam made it incumbent on us to give our children particular names? • Read More
Is it permissible for me to name my daughter “Leen”? • Read More
Gifted Daughter to Sister and Attributed her to Unreal Father Recently, I have come to know that a certain woman gave birth to a girl and gifted that girl to her sister because the latter couldn`t beget children of her own. The girl was registered under the name of her aunt`s husband, and she is currently living with them as her real parents although she knows that they aren`t. Should I expose this to people knowing that the involved parties are against this for fear of scandal? • Read More
It is Desirable to Call Athaan in the Ear of the Newborn A dispute took place at the Masjid, where I pray, regarding the validity of calling Athaan(call to prayer) in the ear of the newborn. Some said that it is a wrong practice which people are accustomed to; however, I know that it is among the acts of Sunnah. Could you clarify the ruling of Sharia on this with providing the evidence? • Read More
Granting Identification Documents to Children Born out of Wedlock What is the ruling of Sharia on granting identification documents to children from the following categories: 1-Legitimate children abandoned for some reason and parents can`t be reached to fill an application for issuing identification documents. 2-Children whose parents are anonymous. 3-Children whose mother is known, but the man who impregnated her isn`t, whether the relation was legitimate or not, or the father denied his child? • Read More
Acts that should be done to the Newborn What is the ruling on celebrating the birth of the newborn, and what acts should be done to him/her on this occasion? • Read More