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Ruling on Naming a Child "Al-Ahad" Is "Al-Ahad" a name that only belongs to Allah the Almighty? And what is the ruling on naming a child with this name according to the Shafie school of thought? • Read More
Correcting Mistake in DNA and Rulings Caused by it What is the ruling of Sharia if a mistake was made in DNA, or when incorrect data were provided and led to issuing a court order proving lineage, but later on the court discovered otherwise ? • Read More
Ruling on Proving or Disproving Paternity through DNA Testing

What is the ruling of Sharia on proving or disproving paternity through the DNA testing? Also, what is the ruling on proving paternity of an illegitimate child or child of unknown parentage?

• Read More
Guardian has Right to Name Newborn Who has the right to choose a name for a newborn? • Read More
Ruling on Choosing a non-Arabic Name for a Child Does Islam forbid choosing non-Arabic names for children? • Read More
Is it permissible for me to name my newborn baby boy “Al-Moustafa” ? • Read More
What does the name ”Mai`es” mean? • Read More
Is it permissible for me to name my first son “Kassim” ? • Read More
Has Islam made it incumbent on us to give our children particular names? • Read More
Is it permissible for me to name my daughter “Leen”? • Read More
Gifted Daughter to Sister and Attributed her to Unreal Father Recently, I have come to know that a certain woman gave birth to a girl and gifted that girl to her sister because the latter couldn`t beget children of her own. The girl was registered under the name of her aunt`s husband, and she is currently living with them as her real parents although she knows that they aren`t. Should I expose this to people knowing that the involved parties are against this for fear of scandal? • Read More
It is Desirable to Call Athaan in the Ear of the Newborn A dispute took place at the Masjid, where I pray, regarding the validity of calling Athaan(call to prayer) in the ear of the newborn. Some said that it is a wrong practice which people are accustomed to; however, I know that it is among the acts of Sunnah. Could you clarify the ruling of Sharia on this with providing the evidence? • Read More
Granting Identification Documents to Children Born out of Wedlock What is the ruling of Sharia on granting identification documents to children from the following categories: 1-Legitimate children abandoned for some reason and parents can`t be reached to fill an application for issuing identification documents. 2-Children whose parents are anonymous. 3-Children whose mother is known, but the man who impregnated her isn`t, whether the relation was legitimate or not, or the father denied his child? • Read More
Acts that should be done to the Newborn What is the ruling on celebrating the birth of the newborn, and what acts should be done to him/her on this occasion? • Read More