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Summarized Fatawaa

Fatwa Number : 1010

Classified : How to Pray

Fatwa Type : Summarized Fatawaa

Question :

Should a person who doesn’t offer Tasbeehb(saying Subhaana Rabbiya Al-‘Atheem during Rukoo`, and saying Subhaana Rabbiya Al-A‘laa during Sujood ) during Rukoo` and Sujood perform As-Sahw Sujood (prostration of forgetfulness)?

The Answer :

He/ she doesn`t have to perform Sujood As-Sahw, whether he/she didn`t offer Tasbeeh during Rukoo` and Sujood either intentionally , or unintentionally, provided that the attentiveness of the heart wasn`t undermined since it is a pillar in both.



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