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Islamic Ruling on Taking off Niqab for a Need

Is it permissible for a veiled social worker to uncover her face to create a greater influence on the audience and by analogy to the permissibility of uncovering anterior and posterior pudenda before a male doctor for treatment?

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Ruling on Beauty Salons What is the Islamic ruling on working in a beauty salon? • Read More
Ruling when the Area between a Woman`s Neck and Lower Chin is Uncovered What is the ruling of Sharia when the area between a woman`s neck and lower chin is uncovered during and outside prayer? • Read More
Ruling on Men having Hair Transplant and Wearing Wig

What is the ruling on hair transplants and wearing wig by men, and what effect does this have on the laws of Wudu` and Ghusl?

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Islamic Ruling on Men Getting Tattoos What is the ruling of Sharia on men getting tattoos? • Read More
Ruling of Sharia on Wearing Ornament Made of Precious Metals What is the Ruling of Sharia on wearing diamond ornament by a man? • Read More
There is no Harm on Wearing an Artificial Wig so long as She is Covered in front of Non Mahrams

What is the ruling on wearing a wig? And what is the ruling on making ablution while wearing it since there is a hardship on taking it off every time I do that? Besides, the reason of wearing a wig because I am having chemotherapy.

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There is no Harm in Hair Transplant and Wearing a Wig A woman was inflicted with cancer, so she lost her hair; is it permissible for her to wear a wig before her husband, children and brothers? • Read More
Rules of Drawing Cartoons Is it permissible to work in drawing cartoons which reflect social, economic and political issues? • Read More
Ruling on Working as Model for Muslim Women Clothing

What is the ruling on working as model for Muslim women clothing while keeping hair and whole body covered?

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Ruling on Wearing a Wig instead of an Islamic Head Cover What is the Islamic ruling when a woman wears a wig, instead of the Islamic head cover, to fulfill a job requirement, and only during work hours? • Read More
Ruling on Wearing Niqab What is the ruling of Sharia on wearing Niqab? • Read More
Is it permissible for the woman to use her mobile phone while on the street? • Read More
What is the ruling on a woman driving a car? • Read More
Is wearing a cap permissible for boys, or girls? • Read More